Why Your Career is Emotionally More Than Earning a Living

It was Thanksgiving Day, the clan gathered at my Mother-in-law’s
home to eat and drink triple (3x) their normal calories, but all is forgiven
because it is a sanctioned feast day. Why? It is a ritual for God, U.S. and the Family.

I have not watched a football game from beginning to end since high school,
and I did not miss it. Today I will suffer through four complete games, two-
college and two professional. I really hate it.

Why? Thanksgiving Day football is a legally required ritual – for God, Family, and the American way. Even Tangy the Collie sat watching the humans giving each other concussions after feasting on the fat, dead bird.

So What

Help me out. If you own a pen and use it to sign your Debit Card, but the clip shows a Harvard logo, does that get your juices flowing? We’re talking about human psychology now – does the Harvard emblem on the pen make you smarter, taller,

Personally I respect Sarah Pellin because she is an old-tyme peddler using her book to open doors to the White House. And if all does not go according to plan – she’ll just make $30 million for her efforts at self-promotion. God bless America.

Two professors at the University of Minnesota (Roedder and Park) have done extensive research concluding certain brand names like Cartier, Harley-Davidson
and Nike, emotionally change the way some folks feel about themselves.

Have you ever seen a 50-year old executive riding his Harley on Sunday? He feels
fifteen-years younger, is attracted to females young enough to be his granddaughter,
and will consume enough alcohol in one-day to qualify for Alcoholic Anonymous.

Back to that Harvard logo. The pen owner never smelled the grass at Cambridge,
did not have the grades to be hired to mow the Harvard lawns, but he suddenly
tests better, feels like a scholar and a gentleman. Call it illusionary or fantasy, but
the logo boosts the ego of the user, makes him feel like a leader of men, and much

Logos Got Personalities

The Journal of Consumer Research article says “absolutely” – when a consumer
uses a name brand with a hot personality like Victoria’s Secret – something rubs off
on the way the consumer sees herself. Like what? The ladies carrying their bag
feel more glamorous, more feminine and better looking than the rest of humanity.

Fixed or Flexible Personalities

Half the population believes their qualities are fixed and cannot be improved by
by their own efforts of self-help. They need another way to shout out to the world,
“Look at me, I am the real McCoy”.

They do it by using tested and proven brand names like driving a Cadillac, living in a rich community, and wearing phony Harvard sweatshirts. You know we pay up to
twice-as-much for the same item with a screaming popular brand name like a ring
from Tiffany.

What happen to the other 50% of the population? They believe in self-help and will spend up to thousands of dollars for books, specialty magazines, courses and workshops to bring out the gifts and talents hidden within from birth.

Their last day on earth they will think, “ If only I took that SpeedLearning course, I could have been a contender for the promotion to vice-president.”


All the smartasses want to pierce the bubble of unreality of those who are positive thinkers. “So stupid to believe in that cancer-quack in Mexico, save your money, it
is bunkum and will do nothing but steal your money.”

Fact: up to thirty-percent of Placebo takers get serious relief and healing. Why?
First up, our U.S. Federal Drug Administration believes in the power of Placebo Effect. If your new drug is no better than a 30% Placebo, you are not permitted
to sell it to the public.

What is a placebo? When you deeply, strongly and repetitiously program yourself
to believe in the effectiveness of the doctor, minister or drug (Google: Laetrile),
your Nonconscious systems may produce amazing and unscientific results in
your mind-body connection for healing. Nonconscious systems include Nervous-
Immune-Limbic et al.

When you bring the light of reality to a true believer in a Placebo – no matter
how crazy it is – like kissing-a-cobra for a great cure, you are interfering with
a potential healing. If folks are willing to put their life on the line with cancer-
quakes – they are going to be right some percentage of the time.

The secret is total trusting in the unfolding, by the true believer. Remember, even a
broken clock is Right - twice a day.

Team Spirit

You must know at least one or two die-hard sports fans. They don’t have to suffer from a case of arrested development, some of my family who are intelligent and super successful will sit and view up to three entire football games on Sunday.

Dr. Daniel Wann, Murray State University, Kentucky says, intense emotional interest in a team can overcome depression (temporarily) and even raise test
results for students. They identify with their team whole-heartedly and when
it wins – they take it personally and test over their heads.

Seems crazy to me, but the scientific results are unqualified. Die-hard fans are
emotionally driven to personally excel when their team wins. Of course they
crash emotionally with each defeat.

How Come

Humans all require escape from a tedious reality, and rooting for a team is one
avenue of possible support. Where else but sports can we curse the opposition
aloud in public?

There is a sense of belonging when we identify with a sports team. We are accepted
by other fans as an elite member of their club. It is a social experience with serious
emotional undertones.

Many folks today remain single all their lives, and live without close family ties.
They give their strongest emotions to the team of their choice. Sports fans treat
their teams with a religious respect. There are special dates that are meaningful.
The life of a fan has a purpose and meaning all its own. Leave them alone, says I.

Believe it or not true believer fans pity you – the non-believer in the fate of the team.

Google: professor Edward Hirt, Indiana University. Improvement in physical and
mental tests by team worshipers. What if they really have something?

This article is NOT intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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