Having a Facebook page for your business is now as important as having a sign on your building. Facebook allows you to connect with people who like what you have to offer, peek in on the needs and values of your target market, and is great for the all might SEO (search engine optimization.) It offers you access to the 1.5 billion users world wide and a chance to build a relationship with them.

With the exception of teenagers, people are spending more time on Facebook than other social media platforms. Facebook allows connections with family and peers from all over the world who can share stories and laugh at things with just the click of a button. Many (close to most) users log in to Facebook on their cell-phone allowing them to check statuses several times a day. If your business is not being seen on Facebook, you can be assured that your competitors being seen!

A personal Facebook profile does not qualify as a business page. Although it is ok, to occasionally post business information on your personal page, it should not be the bulk of your posts. That would be like you constantly talking about work at your cousin's birthday party. If business was the only thing that ever came out of your mouth, people would do everything to avoid talking to you! The same goes for your personal profile.

Yes, you can (and should) occasionally post personal information on your business page. Think about what you say at the water cooler. A few words about your family, or a vacation that you took, or even a cute photo of your dog in the snow are all acceptable on your business page in moderation. This is because people prefer to do business with people, not brands. Personal posts remind them that you are human!

Use your Business Facebook page to network with others the same as you would in person. You don't (or shouldn't) walk around at a networking meeting asking people to buy your stuff. Instead, you meet people and find a way to add value to their business and personal lives. When you post on your Facebook business page, you should be adding value to the life of your followers.

If you want your business to be visible and top of mind for your potential and current clients, then you must have a Facebook Business page. They are free to set up and can give you valuable data about your target market's styles and tastes.

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Brenda Trott, M.Ed is a Media Marketing Strategist in Houston TX. Find out how you can add Facebook marketing to your routine in only 30 minutes a month with the Facebook Easy Button. It's FREE! http://bit.ly/1hkh1iP