Sleep till dawn! It is tremendous happiness in life. However, due to the influence of many aspects of modern life, sleep quality has decreased seriously. There are many reasons, such as increased nocturnal urine and frequent use of the toilet at night, which is a significant reason.

Some people may have had this experience. They slept soundly at night. Suddenly, a burst of urine came and suffocated them. After going to the toilet, let the cold wind outside the quilt blow, and there is no sleep directly. It may be difficult to fall asleep again.

It's normal for people to get up in the middle of the night and have urine. But if you always wake up in the middle of the night and go to the bathroom, you should be vigilant. These diseases may cause it. Let's learn about it today.

Why can urine increase?

Normal adults can filter 180 liters of raw urine through the kidney every 24 hours, and only 1% of the urine discharged every day is about 1.8 liters. 99% of the urine mainly depends on the concentration and dilution function of the kidney, and most of the original urine is reabsorbed by the kidney back to the blood.

The manifestation of renal dysfunction is the decline of concentration function, a large amount of original urine can not be absorbed again, and there will be polyuria. When people eat and drink during the day, this water is absorbed into the blood through the gastrointestinal tract, and the water content in the body reaches its peak at night, increasing nocturnal urine.

When older adults with hypertension or diabetes have increased nocturia, they should check whether the renal function is in the normal range in time to avoid delaying the disease.

How many times is it normal to pee at night?

Under normal circumstances, the number of adult urination at night is generally 1 ~ 2 times. If you eat sugar, coffee, or tea before going to bed, you can increase the number of urination, so the urine amount will also increase. The results show that reducing salt can correspondingly reduce the amount at night. In addition, salt intake and urination times during the day are reduced.

How is it that you often get up at night? It may be related to these three diseases.

Bladder diseases

The bladder is an essential organ of the urinary system and a place to store urine. Many people have to hold their urine for various reasons in life. However, holding urine for a long time will produce many bacteria in this part of the bladder, which dramatically increases the probability of cystitis.

The bladder is also the place where urine is stored. Once cystitis occurs, the bladder will be affected. In this way, the amount of urine stored will be greatly reduced.


People with diabetes can't help feeling thirsty because their bodies are especially vulnerable to water shortages. It is mainly due to their high blood sugar concentration in the body, so they are especially fond of drinking water and drinking plenty of water before going to bed. In this way, they will be awakened by urine at night, often getting up and going to the bathroom at night. People should be alert to this situation because it may be related to diabetes.

Prostate disease

Many men ignore hygiene in life and are not aware of their prostate health. As they grow older, they are particularly prone to prostate disease. There will also be a series of problems in the micturition system. The amount of urine will naturally become more at night, and even get up and go to the bathroom many times a night.

Men must cherish their prostate in life. If urination is accompanied by symptoms such as weak urination and yellow urine, they should be vigilant. You are likely suffering from prostate disease.

Going to the hospital for examination and then using symptomatic drugs for treatment is recommended if people always go to the toilet at night. If cystitis or prostate disease is diagnosed, oral antibiotics are recommended in the acute stage. If it is chronic inflammation, especially chronic prostatitis, you can choose the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill for treatment.

If there is diabetes, it may be because blood sugar control is terrible. First of all, people should check the glycosylated hemoglobin first. If the glycosylated hemoglobin is more than 10%, it should be treated with insulin. Hypoglycemic drugs should be adjusted if it is below 10% but above 7%.

In a word, people should pay attention to small details in all aspects of life and don't get sick because of some bad habits. Form good habits. Only in this way can you ensure your health. Do you want to have a healthy body?

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