Shampoo is just shampoo, right?


In the beauty industry, there is no such thing as just shampoo. Hair care products are specially crafted and designed with your hair in mind, which means you can’t just grab any product off the shelf and hope it will work out for the best. Using the wrong shampoo would be detrimental to the health of your hair, but how do you choose when there are so many options and products to pick from? The simple solution is as follows: always use a natural shampoo. Natural shampoos are packed full of the right vitamins and minerals your body needs to maintain a balanced scalp and healthy hair. With that in mind, you can then look at the specifics of your hair and what it is telling you it needs to thrive. Perhaps you ends are craving moisture, so you choose an Aloe Vera shampoo, or maybe you want the elasticity and strength of your hair to increase, so you use a keratin shampoo. Whatever you need, you will definitely find the perfect natural shampoo for your hair, and never use another product again!

Natural Shampoo vs Conventional Shampoo
Natural shampoos are made from 100% all-natural ingredients, which means you are gaining all the essential vitamins and minerals right from the natural source. This is great news for your scalp and hair, because it will absorb all the best nutrients to help make your hair stronger and healthier. Other conventional bottles of shampoo use chemical cleaning agents in their ingredients, that irritate your scalp and hair, and ultimately trick it into looking clean. These kinds of products actually strip your hair of its essential oils, cause your ends to dry out, split and break off and your scalp to itch. You’ll never have to worry about that with a natural shampoo, because the ingredients come from natural sources that really do have a gentle and effective way of cleaning your hair, while strengthening it as well.

What to Look For
If you’ve never bothered to look past the front text of a shampoo bottle and read the ingredients on the back, you’re going to want to start with the bottles currently in your shower. The harsh chemical cleaning agents you desperately need to avoid are sulfates, parabens and silicones. Although this will ensure the product is safe to use, it does not necessarily mean it is all-natural. Look for an icon that clearly states it is an all-natural product and take the time to read and research the ingredients!

Where to Start With Natural Shampoos
If you’re new to using natural shampoos, start with something gentle, but will still nourish and fortify your hair. Lavender shampoo is a multitasking product for the hair, body and mind. Its soothing scent has a calming effect, and can assist in combatting common scalp issues like dandruff, infections and itchy scalp. Lavender is a keratin shampoo, which helps rebuild the hair's natural protective layer, making it stronger, which will reduce hair breakage and splitting. It also increases the hair's ability to retain moisture and reduces frizz caused by dryness.

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