London is an urban city with castles, museums, galleries and landmarks like the Big Ben, Tower Bridge, the London eye and more. Being the largest and most populated city on the planet, it cannot be ignored when you are on a European vacation. People love London for its urban fashion sense, cultural heritage that dates back to roman times and wonderful food.

The city is pricey for travellers but cannot be missed if you want to witness historic buildings, churches, museums, British history, galleries and citadels. As the city offers something for everyone it is sure to be liked by one and all. There are many reasons to visit if you are planning destinations for 2017.

Find here the reasons to visit London:

To witness the best museums in the world: London gives you ample opportunities to visit free museums that fill up your knowledge bank with British history, science, nature and other interesting topics. When in London, do not forget to visit the Museum of London, the British History Museum, the Natural History Museum and the Science Museum.

To enjoy the local markets: You can have the best Sunday of your life by checking out the markets of London. It would be the best time to stroll, click snaps and witness the local life by visiting Camden Market, Portobello Market, and the Flower Market as each one has its own speciality.

Check out Big Ben and the House of Parliament: One of the oldest buildings, the Big Ben located at one end of the Westminster palace, must be visited to get a gothic feel. Visit the House of Parliament, a building that looks stunning from all sides. These buildings should be visited for their ethnic charisma as well as stunning gothic architecture.

To see Buckingham palace: One of the most eye-catching castles, the Buckingham palace should not be missed on your trip to London. While you can watch it from the outside, getting inside is possible only during the summer times. You can also see the spectacular event of changing of the Guard at 11:30am everyday from May until the end of July.

Watch Westminster Abbey: One of the most beautiful churches, Westminster Abbey would melt your heart with its beautiful and ancient architecture. It is free for worshippers and charges 20 GBP to tourists but, is only open on Sunday for worshippers. If you want to save 20 GBP then turn into a worshipper and check out this awe inspiring church.

Watch the city through the London eye: At 500 feet height, the London Eye is the biggest tourist attraction as it gives some of the best views of the city. If you want to see London from far then do not forget to go into the London eye. We promise that you would be able to see the most stunning views and would not be disappointed at all.

The London Dungeon needs a special visit: Considered as the horror attraction, this dungeon dates back to 2000 years and shows a history that was filled with torture. With a 19 GBP price online and 25 GBP on the day; the tickets should be purchased before entering the dungeon.

Trafalgar Square: A public square often considered as the centre of London, this monument’s name venerates the Battle of Trafalgar that took place in 1805. It rejoices the victory of British Navy over France and Spain. The square is often used for public gatherings, annual celebrations like New Year’s Eve and is the starting point for a way to Buckingham palace.

Globe theatre: One more historic monument that is a must visit for the lovers of literature and give glimpses of England’s history. If you are a fan of watching theatre performances then this place would give you exact replica of drama and theatrical recitals that used to happen in olden times.

Camden Market for shoppers: A market with youthful vibe, this one is ideal for shopping fashionable goods and accessories. There are many small separate markets inside and so, you can shop all kinds of things here. Certainly, the biggest attraction for shoppers who can shop their heart out!

Check out the Strand: Developed in the 12th century, this particular area displays grandeur, wealth and is one of the wealthiest places to live. In fact, the 19th century Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli was so charmed by its beauty that he could not stop himself from quoting it as the finest street in Europe.

Apart from all this landmarks and places of interest, London has many museums, galleries and iconic sights which should be visited without fail. For those who love to explore places, London is sure to give you an excellent feel of multi cultural environment and diversity formed by 270 nationalities. Moreover, the streets of London speak of the culinary delights of this wonderful city making it a favourite destination for the foodies.

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