Aren’t you tired of your boring desk job? Or you might have horrible boss with whom you just can’t deal with. Well millions of people suffer from things like these. But there is a solution for this which is called self employed jobs. Here are few reasons to gain self employment.

1) Freedom

This is the best benefits of self employment. You can work whenever you want and have some free time in your life. There will be less work load compared to desk job and you don’t need to worry about someone supervising you.

2) No boss or office politics

As a self employed you can forget about office politics since you will be your own boss. No more betrayal or negative influence around you so that you can work in peace.

3) Work from home

In most of freelancing job you can work from home. Hence you can give time to your family and relationships more easily compared to desk jobs. Even your time will not be wasted in travelling to and from your work location.

4) Work with values

If you are interested in a particular field then as freelancer you can easily work in that field without distraction. When you are working in an interested field in a company then sometime you will be given unnecessary work which only serve as distractions. Most of the time the senior employee might delegate their unimportant to you and your time will be wasted. When self employment you will have freedom to make an impact.

6 best online self employed jobs

1) Paid Survey:-

Get paid by writing surveys. You will receive an online survey by companies, when you fill the survey then you get paid.
Potential income: $3000 to $6000 per month

2) Online Advertising:-

Create ads by yourself using a software and send it to companies. Coding not required and earn depending on how ads perform.
Potential income: $5000 to $8000 per month

3) Social media jobs:-

Companies want to maintain their presence on social media but don’t have time to do so. Hence, they hire people to post for them and engage audience.
Potential income per month: $3000 to $5000 per month

4) Amazon kindle publishing:-

Write a book and keep on earning passive income throughout the year. In fact you don’t even have to write a book by yourself. This work can be outsourced to other writers.
Potential income: can reach $100,000 per month

5) Online writing job:-

Write articles online and earn depending on the size and quality of work you give.
Potential income: $4000 to $8000 per month

6) Affiliate Marketing:-

Create a website and market a product. You will earn commission with each sale on your website. Of course, its not as easy as it sounds and you will have to put lots of efforts in it. But this field has highest potential to earn and has created millionaires.
Potential income: can go +$20,000 per month

Just like anything else even online self employed jobs has its negative points. It might be a bit difficult to do networking as you will have to work alone in most case. Exposure to new ideas might be less as you won’t be meeting new people in beginning. But these things depend on the nature of self employment. At the end of the day you will have satisfaction with self employment because the day was well spend with family and you are working on your interest.

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