Your shoelaces may not always be something that you take into particular consideration when dressing up. After all, they are simply meant to secure your sneakers right? However, if you’re a fan of multicolored shoelaces that make a statement – then no tie laces are just what you need.
multicolored shoelaces

When it comes to fashion, developing a specific look may not always be as easy as it sounds. There are different ways through which you can make a statement with your dressing, but few of these options offer a unique element. Coming up with a style that has been developed by you can be hard to accomplish without ordering customized items. Your shoelaces, however, can help you achieve an original design using no tie laces. These elastic bands come in a variety of colors and can be manipulated to form numerous patterns on your sneakers.

Though shoestrings may not have been considered as a fashion accessory in the past, no tie laces have changed this perspective with their design. Whereas conventional shoelaces generally come in one color and offer no unique shapes or designs, no tie laces provide the wearer with a multitude of options. The elastic bands that make up the product are attached to aglets on each end which are slipped through the eyelets of your sneakers. They come in a variety of hues and shades, allowing you to develop multicolored shoelaces of your own design.

If you’re not yet convinced about the numerous opportunities and benefits offered by no tie laces, some additional reasons why you might consider switching to this product include:

Cost Effectiveness

Buying no tie laces not only enhances the look of your sneakers, but offers you an affordable means of changing their appearance every day. No tie laces come in packages of six bands, meaning one packet can secure one sneaker. Thus, in most cases, you will need at least two packs to secure one pair of sneakers. However, these packages offer you the opportunity to change the look of your sneakers by simply changing the color arrangement.

Applying different patterns regularly can also be easily achieved using no tie laces - since all you have to do is change how you connect the bands to opposing eyelets. This method also gives you the opportunity to come up with unique patterns of your own. With no tie laces, two packets can make it seem like you have an endless collection of colorful shoelaces.

Simpler Application

If you like to apply patterns to your shoelaces when securing your sneakers, traditional shoestrings can take up a lot of your time. Though achieving attractive patterns is possible with these products, it requires a significant amount of time, focus, and commitment. Learning the intricate paths used to produce particular designs can also take an extended period to grasp. No tie laces avoid these problems through their simplistic design.

As mentioned earlier, putting on no tie laces merely requires you to connect any two eyelets on your sneaker from opposing sides. The aglets on the ends of the bands ensure that they don’t slip off, as well as allow you to adjust the tightness of the band’s grip. This means that you can remove, replace or install no tie laces in just a matter of minutes. You can even do it with your sneakers on!

Customizable Grip

Thanks to the fact that you can adjust each band as a single unit, no tie laces offer a more personalized grip for your sneakers. Adjusting traditional shoelaces would require you to keep manipulating both ends of the string until you achieve the balance you want. With no tie laces, managing each band can be easily accomplished without much fuss. You can quickly decide how tight or loose you want a particular band.

Multiple Colors

With no tie laces, your choice of colors and arrangement are almost endless. You can acquire packets of different colors and combine them to form your own unique look. A more cost-effective option is to buy packages that come with multicolored bands, giving you an array of different hues to choose from. Some laces even come with some graphic designs depicting themes such as fire or ice.

It’s essential that you choose an established brand when shopping for these items to enhance your chances of acquiring quality laces.

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