What Is A Serviced Colombo Luxury Apartment?

When you are in Colombo on a business stay or you are on a family vacation you have the option of staying at a hotel or rent luxury apartments in Colombo. Hotels are usually expensive but offer services such as a 24hr concierge and room service. But an option that is getting increasingly popular is the option of a serviced luxury apartment. They offer the same service as a hotel and more different facilities that let you have the perfect stay in Colombo. Luxury apartments offer a home-like environment and gives you a home away from your real home.

Services You Can Obtain When You Stay In A Luxury Apartment like Crescat Residencies

  • When you rent luxury apartment in Colombo you have a more a spacious place to stay. You get the same facilities that you would obtain in a hotel and the addition of more space.
  • You have more privacy when you choose to rent luxury apartments in Colombo. You can do what you want, the way you want it and do not have to share facilities like washers and dryers. You also get the facility of a fitness center as well.
  • Renting a hotel for a long period of time may cost a fortune. Sometimes it may cost up to $1000 a week in a regular hotel. So if you are staying in Sri Lanka for a long and extended period of time then the best choice is a luxury serviced apartment. Therefore a luxury apartment is much more economically efficient.
  • You get a fully equipped kitchen if you choose a luxury apartment. You may be able to save a lot of money when you cook for yourself rather than ordering room service. But you are still able to have room service when you require it.
  • In addition to having many facilities at your apartment you may still enjoy the best that the city has to offer from movie theaters, beaches and trendy restaurants that will make you feel almost like a local during your extended stay.

You are also able to get many other facilities such as free WiFi and pool and jacuzzi facilities just like when you stay at a luxury hotel therefore it is safe to say that Colombo luxury apartments are the best choice rather than a hotel. Even during a family vacation or a business stay it will offer you the best facilities that will give you the perfect trip to Sri Lanka.

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