The major reason is to use tempered glass on your smartphones is to protect your investment and its durability. These glasses can also resist sharp shocks up to some extents which your normal screens cannot bear.

Few reasons to use tempered glass in order to protect your investments.

1. Using tempered glass screen soldered on your screen is analogous to having a second screen on your phone. This tiny add-on takes the beating from keys, dirt, and junk, and almost about something alternative wear and tear that your screen would expertise on an everyday. Plus, accidents happen.

With screen repairs cost accounting upwards of $150 and also the possibilities of your new put on screen being fastidious till your next upgrade, it’s no surprise tempered glass is such a hot add-on.

2. We have all been there, victimization your new Smart Phone for the primary time… Placing it fastidiously into your pocket solely to search out your keys scraping up against your screen. Redmi 6 pro Tempered glass is created to go away your screen wanting fresh and intact. These hairline scratches don’t solely look ugly, however, will weaken your screen drastically – additional on this later! Finally, a phone in mint condition can earn you additional dough if you sell it once you upgrade.

Unlike screen protectors from years past that created your screen primarily unendurable to use. Employing a Red mi 6 tempered glass appears like nothings there till you wish it most!

Reducing Risk of Spider crack

Every time you drop your phone and also the screen does not crack, you'll suppose you are within the clear, however, we've got a theory that your screen starts to develop micro-fractures over time, which cannot be visible to the attention, however, will cause the weakening of your screen. This can be why you hear some individuals out there refer, however, their phone has been born 1000 times while not a difficulty, then at some unspecified time in the future they drop it on the carpet and find a spider web out of it.

Another reason we have a tendency to wish to keep the phones from being born is our helmet theory... You'll like sporting your helmet, however, you do not need to possess to use it. And after you do, your helmet may defend you, however, you are brain remains were obtained flustered. This will cause a fussy screen or hardware malfunctions over time. #StoptheDrop!

With a tempered glass these micro-fractures are occurring in your tempered glass rather than in your actual screen and if your phone happens to fall sometimes throughout its lifespan, it'll be way more capable of taking the autumn unharmed.

Easy to clean smudges

With time passing Scratch Guard accumulates additional scratches and is way tougher to scrub. You'll merely wipe it from the corner of your tie or piece of material. The tempered glass is simply clean as most of those go along with the oleophobic coating that additionally makes them proof against fingerprints.


Be it shiny or matte end scratch guard, it perceptibly affects out of the doors visibility of your device. Tempered glass on the opposite hand won’t augment glare of any kind if put in properly. Matte end screen protectors work higher outdoors as compared to shiny ones, however, Tempered glass remains higher during this regard.


Besides these blessings, Tempered glass is sort of safe because it fractures once pressure is applied thereto. You don’t get to worry regarding it breaking into shards. Before shopping for one, make certain that it comes with oleophobic coating, 2.5D 9-10 H hardness and element adhesive on the rear so it doesn’t have an effect on bit sensitivity. Once you utilize a decent quality tempered glass, it'll be exhausting to induce back to traditional plastic screen protectors.

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