If you are in a relationship then you are bound to buy a cake at one point. It may be for your anniversary, your lover’s birthday, or the most important day of your relationship, your wedding.

Planning for a great event comes with its share of equally great responsibility, especially if you are the one to order for the cake. So how do you rise to the occasion on this special day? How do you stand out from the pack and be counted with the special few who put a smile on their lover's face?

There is a simple solution to getting it right and it starts with a single step and order cake online on great lover’s day.

These are some of the things you need to know about ordering the perfect cake for the perfect occasion.

Wide selection

There is variety when you decide to order your cake using an online platform. All the custom cakes that have been baked before will build to the portfolio as compared to the mockups you see when you visit a cake shop physically. A simple click on the website will show you an array of cakes and their reviews. See if people loved what they got. You will be better placed to choose the style you want.

Cake tasting

At this point, you are probably thinking as a traditionalist and wondering how you can taste your cake online? This is quite simple, all you really have to do is read the reviews on the cake shops website. How many stars do they give the cake maker on an average? Of course, they will only put the best reviews and this can be misleading. You do not have to trust blindly, you can dig further and ask about the cake maker. If all this still does not convince you, how about asking for a piece of your cake before the big day arrives? Most cake makers are more than willing to send you samples.

Trail of evidence

Sending an email back and forth between you and your cake maker helps your cake maker keep track of the little details that might be overlooked. Keeping all your emails until your cake is delivered to your satisfaction will help you make an informed decision should anything go wrong.

Payment is quick and easy

All it takes is you to fill in your card details, add your choice on the cart and click pay. You can pay for the cake from anywhere in the world. Rest easy and know that your cake will be delivered reducing the hassle of going to pay physically and collecting it on your own.

Continuous progress report

After you have made all the arrangements and even paid for the safe delivery of your cake, you may ask for a progress report before the delivery. This is the only sure way to know what to expect and if there are changes to be made to the overall design then they can be done and still have some time to spare.

So if you ever need to order cake online on great lover’s day, take time and research well before settling for a cake maker.

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