Life is a continuous journey filled with endless future possibilities and future accomplishments. Yet many people think life is a destination, they achieve a certain plateau of success in their lives and begin to rest on their laurels. In other words they become complacent or content which is the foundation of mental, physical, spiritual, and professional atrophy and stagnation. They began to allow themselves to be stuck in a quagmire of mediocrity and self absorption. I have stated a few reasons why your comfort zone can completely stifle your personal growth, and your unlimited potential (the problem). In this article I will offer you several viable solutions to this problem, which you can place into practice starting today.
Be in a state of perpetual self development and life exploration. Never have the mindset that you know, all there is to know about yourself or your fields of expertise, there will always something new and exciting to discover. Approach life as if you were a young child again, constantly exploring, learning, and doing. Don’t be afraid or intimidated by trial and error. Many of humanity’s greatest triumphs and achievements have occurred because of it. Don’t be afraid to be a risk taker, and remember “the greater the risk the greater the reward”.
Embrace change with an open mind. It has been stated that most people resist change. I believe the reasons are many why humans fight change. I feel the three most prevalent ones are fear of the unknown, acceptance of the status quo or conformity, and the fear of failure. Think back to situations or circumstances in your life where change was needed in your life and you constantly fought against it, whether it were personal, professional or otherwise. Finally you decided you did not have a choice but to change, or face dire consequences you did not want or desired if you did not change. More times than not, you emerged as a better person, and the transformation enriched your life’s experiences in some fashion or form.
Give even though you feel you’ve given all you had to give. In other words, when you feel you are completely exhausted from giving do even more. Regardless if your giving efforts are relating to your professional life, your personal life, your marriage, or any other relationship or endeavor you deem important in your life. You will be pleasantly surprised and impressed by your limitless potential to give and achieve. You will grow exponentially as a human being and many others will greatly benefit from your inexhaustible focus and tireless effort. I am sure you know some individuals personally, or heard of people universally famous for their endless giving and monumental achievements regardless of their age or background.
Set high standards for yourself. Continuously reach for the stars and beyond, you owe to yourself, and others you love and cherish. Having high standards in any progressive relationship will elicit the best in you. You talents and skills will constantly be tested, and most certainly arise to overcome any challenge. You will be amazed of what you can accomplish when once you continuously raise the bar and upping the ante.
In summary if you want to continuously grow and live a constantly enriching life, avoid staying in your comfort zone as if it were some type of deadly contagious disease. Continue to be curious about what life can offer you, once you decide to constantly develop your talents and skills. Give until you are exhausted, and then give some more. Have an inexhaustible lust and zeal life. Set high standards, and always continue to raise the bar for achievement.

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Paul has devoted his life to helping one thousand individuals who are committed and ready to take control of their lives in every aspect by January 1st 2014. Paul is also an experienced personal online marketing mentor and servant leader. Paul Lucius Brooks is the founder and CEO of Entrepreneur Marketing 3.0.