Web development industry is considered as one of the most dynamic and flourishing industries of present time. New tools and softwares are developed on regular basis in this dynamic industry and with WordPress in action there is a sea of changes in web development industry. WordPress is an outstanding CMS which can help a naive user to create a simple blog and the most advanced website at same time.

Blogger is also a quite popular platform for creating your own blog but since WordPress came into market their is increasing migration from Blogger to WordPress. So without further ado, check out the reasons that makes WordPress a superior blogging platform than blogger.

WordPress Provides Authority over the Blog

Self hosted WordPress blog gives users total control over the blog unlike Blogger blogs, which become a major reason for many blogger users to migrate from Blogspot to WordPress. As Blogger blogs are hosted by Google therefore, they are owned by Google making it difficult for the users to add functionalities on the blog. Once your Blogger blogs got hacked it is very difficult to recover the data but self hosted WordPress blogs are quite secure. WordPress has several plugins to create backup of data and using the backup from your server or host you can easily restore your blogs.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO plays a major part in diverting traffic and visitors to your blogs. It is very essential that your blog must be search engine friendly, with WordPress one can attain huge traffic as this CMS is quite amiable to various search engines. With WordPress you can easily optimize your blog as it provides much better options as compared to Blogger. Using WordPress range of SEO plugins, you can add meta tags, meta keywords and tags automatically. Blogger doesn't provides any extension to cater SEO needs of your blogs which makes WordPress a safe bet for blogging.

Customization & Flexibility

Wordpress provides several options for customization unlike Blogger. Wordpress library has plethora of themes which makes it very easy to customize the look of your blog. Blogger is also available with several themes but they are not customizable like WordPress themes.

When it comes to flexibility no other platform is at par with this amazing CMS as WordPress has plenty of plugins that can power up your blogs and website and take them to another level which is not possible with Blogger. WordPress provides several premium and free plugins which can add functionalities which you cannot add using Blogger.

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