Running a restaurant entails a lot, especially when it comes to the equipment being used in the kitchen. Chefs spend many hours in the kitchen preparing scrumptious meals for the customers, and with the right equipment, it makes their work easier.

There are very many kitchen equipment that you can have in the kitchen, including a cook quench machine, rice cooker, an industrial combi oven and so on. In this piece, our main focus will be on the combi oven, so what is a combi oven? As the name suggests, a combi oven is an industrial oven that uses three modes of cooking: steam, convection, and combination.

Steam modeSteaming is one of the most common cooking methods in the kitchen as it preserves the quality of the food you cook. It cooks the food from the inside to the outside hence keeping the food juicy and flavorful. A good example of food that you can cook using this method is vegetables. 

Convection mode- This mode of cooking cooks the food from outside to inside. This mode of cooking results in good browning of the food that is being cooked. It is an ideal method for baking, roasting, and frying.

Combination mode- The combination mode combines both the steam and convection mode of cooking. It retains the moisture of the food being cooked and also gives it a good color.

Benefits of the combi oven

  1. Tastier foods

Cooking tasty foods in your restaurant is one of the best ways to stay ahead of the competition. Cooking using the combi oven results in more flavorful foods with good color too. Depending on the cooking mode you choose, for example, the steaming mode, you can blanch vegetables that will maintain their color and taste. Also, meat cooked in this oven is tasty, tender, and juicy.


You can cook a lot of foods in this industrial oven. Whether you want to steam, blanch, roast, bake, fry or rethermalize, this oven is all you need. As a result, you get to save the costs of having to buy other cookers in your kitchen. 


The commercial combi oven is very cost-effective. For one, it does different types of cooking as mentioned in the previous point hence saving you the cost of buying other cooking equipment. Secondly, the fact that it has a big capacity means that you can prepare a lot of food at once, saving on costs such as electricity costs. 


If you were used to preparing a dish at a time in the normal oven, with the industrial stove and oven, you can prepare more than one and get to serve your customers faster. If you have a lot of traffic in your hotel during the weekends, you can prepare some of the meals in advance using the combi oven. This is so because it has the regeneration capability whereby the oven reheats the food and maintains its moisture.

If you have been thinking of a kitchen appliance that will increase your restaurant kitchen productivity, it is about time to purchase the combi oven. 

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