The next time you think about having music for your film, think about the crucial aspects of it, and how it creates emotions for all the scenes. Imagine a movie with no music; how would it sound? Now, imagine a film with great music complementing the cinematographic scenes in your movie. You will know for sure that it immediately makes a huge difference in everything.

Music has evolved over the centuries. From the Baroque period of music to the Classical. From Classical to Romance. Now, it is to the modern-day Pop music. Many will know just by listening that there’s a massive difference in how music is being composed today, as compared to many centuries ago.

Instrumentations of music have also significantly changed. In the past, the limited was to orchestral music where it consists of the brass, woodwind and horn section, playing under the baton of a conductor. In modern-day music, it is simplified to just a few people performing, and the keyboardist can create the massive feel of the full orchestra. Times have changed.

Besides instrumentations, the next thing that has changed is the technology behind it. In the pas every timeline, a composer composes a piece of music. It has to be played by actual musicians. Today, everything is by the computer, which is what we call MIDI. In simple terms, this is music coming out of the computer. Doing so brings simplicity, and also brings down the huge costs of hiring an entire orchestra to present the real music to the client.

Whether you are in this idea or not, you need to hire a professional music composer to compose your music for you.

Below, we will be explaining the reasons why you should hire a professional music composer to do this, and the cost benefits attached to it!

1) Music Composers are Professionals

Yes, you heard it right. Music Composers are professionals in their field. They will know how to evoke the right emotional music in suitable scenes of films. They will know what the right instrumentations to match with the right piece of music is. If you were to get an amateur composer to do so, you would have a high chance of getting this wrong.

If you have a film that you have spent weeks fine unfine-tunings, and months directing, or even years just perfecting up the script, getting a professional music composer should be the first thing on your mind.

You can never go wrong when you have hired the right person for the job on composing for your film. These people will get the job done right for you!

2) Music Composers are not Expensive.

If you were to run the entire budget for your film, you would want to be on hiring a professional music composer only constitutes just a small fraction of the full cost. Hiring them just needs a few thousands, and that settles everything.

As a comparison, the entire budget of a film is usually half a million dollars. When you are looking at a half million budget film, what is a few thousand dollars worth of money compared to it?

Just spend that bit of money, and you can be sure of a good job handling it.

3) Music Composers are Flexible

When you need music for your film, you can choose to have stock music. Stock music is readily available music that is royalty-free. You will be able to use this piece of music for as many times as you want, without being charged extra for it.

Does the above sound too good to be true? If your answer is yes, you are probably right.

Stock music does come with its downsides. It does not allow flexibility when you fit it into your film. There may be certain scenes that you require abrupt cuts in the music and harsh build-ups to the emotional scene. With all these, you will not be able to do the best of it through stock music.

The reasons why people hire a professional music composer to compose music for their films is that it eliminates these problems. Professional music composers are flexible, and they can design and manage their music to fit the specific scenes, and also do the particular cuts and short build-ups

Does this convince you enough yet, to get a professional music composer for your film that you had painstakingly done up?

4) Music Composers are Great with Evoking Emotions

When you see a sad scene, you cry. When you see a provoking scene, you get angry. When you see a marriage scene, you feel happy. These are the emotions that every different location brings out.

The best way to complement these emotions is to get the right piece of music to attach to it.

For doing so, the best way to do it is by getting a professional music composer to compose specific music for these.

Getting the right music composer will ensure the right emotions are being evoked out of the scene and getting the audience to feel the right way when they are watching your scene. For this, you will never have to worry about getting the wrong feeling when you are watching the film, or when your audiences are watching it with their popcorn on their laps.


Getting a music composer is a highly rated job that everyone needs to take note. You can ruin your entire film by calling an amateur composer to do the job, and half a million of budget gone to waste.

One of the best composers in Singapore that you can hire is a composer named Alvin Khoo. He is a trained music composer who can compose the best music for you and your films.

Just remember all these things written above. It isn’t costly to hire a great music composer to settle the music for you. For that, what are you waiting for, and what are you still considering?

Happy planning in getting your ideal music composer for your films!

Author's Bio: 

Alvin Khoo is a music composer based in Singapore, and occasionally writes for music-related articles.