What constitutes beauty has always been a subjective and debatable topic. However, there can’t be two views about the fact that a natural, radiant glow on skin is always appreciated by everyone. It is a reflection of one’s inner well-being and emotional aura as well.

As per ancient Ayurvedic texts, internal and external beauty are certainly intertwined: in order to have beautiful skin, one must nurture their dhatus or body tissues, while adopting a nutritious, balanced diet and an organic skin care routine.

The strength of our digestive fire, or agni, is considered key for maintaining healthy skin. Even if we ingest organically-grown nutrient-dense foods, our bodies will not function in an optimal manner if our digestive system is unable to absorb and assimilate properly. Here is how you should embrace an Ayurvedic diet to aid a healthy digestive process, which in turn, will grant you luminous and supple skin.

Agni: Kindling your Digestive Fire
In order to nurture their body from within, one must aim to keep their colon clean and digestive system strong. Due to our current lifestyles, our bodies tend to accumulate toxins, or ama, which can hinder healthy digestion. It is important to kindle your agn ior digestive fire, for your body to absorb nutrients in a seamless manner. While our bodies work towards expelling toxins naturally, here are a few things we can do to aid the process.

In case of mild heartburn or indigestion, drink warm water, as this will help accelerate the digestive process. Ice-cold water can make your system sluggish, hence it is advisable to avoid it during or right after meals. While it is necessary to drink ample water to keep your body and skin hydrated, consuming too much can result in water retention.

While eating, remember to sit straight and steer clear of visual distractions, such as TV, video games, or reading. Focus on your plate and be mindful of what you are eating. Chew properly before swallowing, as this allows digestive enzymes to break down food before it reaches the digestive tract.

Accelerating Digestion for Healthier Skin
Apart from using natural skin care products, here are some guidelines you must follow to ensure holistic physical wellbeing:

• Include a portion of raw foods in your diet, as they contain a high proportion of natural fiber and help aid digestion.
• Use ginger and mild spices while cooking, as they aid digestion.
• You should have your largest meal during lunch.
• Be mindful of your portions, as eating more than your body actually needs can lead to stomach-related issues and rapid weight gain.
• Eat organic, clean, and local foods, as they are richer in nutrients and free of chemicals that are often rampant in processed foods or non-organic produce.
• Avoid foods that contain GMO, or that are canned, frozen, or processed. Typically, foods that are labeled ‘low-fat’, ‘non-fat’, or ‘sugar-free’ contain chemical additives. As per Ayurveda, these kind of foods are low in prana and lead to the accumulation of toxins, which affect our skin, hair, and body health.

There is no standard diet for everyone to follow, as individual needs vary, and not all bodies function the same way. Adopt an Ayurvedic diet that suits you best, while keeping your constitution and other peripheral factors in mind. Ayurveda proclaims that while choosing foods, one should be mindful of their dosha, and health conditions unique to them. An imbalanced lifestyle can lead to poor metabolism and toxin build-up.

Vata-dominant people should choose foods that are warm and can keep them grounded. It is best to avoid caffeinated beverages and assimilate healthy fats, such as ghee, sesame seeds, almonds, and fish into their diets. Pitta-dominant individuals should opt for cooling foods, such as bananas, cucumbers, and avocados. The intake of alcohol and spicy, fried, and oily food should be limited, as they can lead to acne breakouts on the skin. Kapha-dominant individuals should stick to light and warm foods while steering clear of overly sweet and savory tastes.

To sum up, in addition to organic skin care products that one should use to achieve beautiful skin, one must aim to achieve inner physical balance by adopting an Ayurvedic lifestyle. Keep your digestive fire aflame, and take care of your body, and you will be able to achieve great vitality and beauty, both without and within.

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