One of the main appeals to owning tieless shoelaces is that you can wear more than one shoelace color at a time. That’s right; you won’t have to stick with just one color of shoelaces. You can either buy a pack of tieless laces in a special color scheme, or you can buy multiple packs of shoelaces and choose the colors that you want to wear. For this reason, sneaker owners have become more intrigued by purchasing tieless shoelaces, and who can blame them?

Many sneaker wearers likely have only thought to wear only one shoelace color at a time, but there are many reasons why you can consider wearing tieless shoelaces in more than one color. You can even purchase rainbow shoelaces for any reason that you see fit.

Sports/Varsity Colors

Of course, each sports team has a color scheme to help identify them. These color schemes consist of two, three, or even four colors that players and fans wear with great pride. From professional and international sports teams to collegiate teams, all the way down to local youth teams, you can buy tieless shoelaces in nearly the exact colors of all of your favorites. The New York Knicks, for example can be repped by your sneakers with neon orange, silver, and metallic blue laces. The possibilities are limitless for what color schemes you can create for all your favorite sports teams. If you consider yourself to be the biggest sports fan you know, deck your sneakers out with multicolored tieless laces.


For those in a festive mood all year round, you can purchase multicolored shoelaces for all of your celebrated holidays. Changing your shoelaces are an easy way to prepare yourself for all the happy and fun times of year.

Red, pink, and white shoelaces can coincide with Valentine’s day.
Choose pastel colors for Easter.
Honor your country on the Fourth of July with laces in red, white, and blue.
Dress up for Halloween with black, orange, and even purple tieless laces.
And of course, Christmas can be celebrated by wearing red, green, and white colors.

You can celebrate a myriad of other holidays by changing your shoelaces at various times of year, thanks to elastic no tie shoelaces.

Artistic Appeal

Of course, there is an appeal to using multiple colors of shoelaces on the same shoes. You may not realize how stylish your sneakers could really look until you experiment with different color schemes. For instance, you can alternate maroon and white tieless laces on your black sneakers for a bold and attractive look that commands attention from other people in an appealing way. There are also other multicolor themes to try, as well.

Gradients is a color scheme that transitions from one colors to the next. For instance, white and dark blue laces with a gradient will feature colors in between on the spectrum. Gradients offer a nice visual effect on any sneaker that won’t appear gimmicky by any means. Gradients won’t be as effective if colors in the sequence are randomized, so a sequential series of one color to the other will only be considered gradient.

Then, of course, there are tieless laces you can buy in rainbow colors. Whether you want to show your passion for peace, for sexual orientation, or another reason, there should be enough pairs of eyelets on your sneakers to feature all the colors of the rainbow. You can even buy packs of rainbow shoelaces to own a set of laces for each color. Consider to purchase rainbow shoelaces to own the entire color range.

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