Once a journalist asked an elderly couple who had lived together for more than 60 years - How did you manage to save your family and live together for so many years?

They have replied that nowadays, it was customary to repair broken things, not throw them away.

That pretty much explains to us the basics, that couples coaching is the stabilizer of the family system, especially when the temptation to throw away a broken relationship is great.

A family coach is one who stands on the side of relationships in a pair, on the side of communication within the family system with a mission of long-term development. It helps the couple find inspiration to re-examine relationships and to revive them to a new level and helps the leave any pain body they had.

What kinds of situations can require couples coaching?

• A young couple wants to get married but for more than 5 years they have been living in two cities, in parallel. Situation of uncertainty. How to build the future of family life in the best way? Or break up? What is the long-term goal of the family?

• A second child was born in the family. The wife is completely occupied by children. The husband feels that his relationship with his wife is cooling down every day. She is tired. What can revive the joy of relationships on a new level when there are already two children in a family? Professional coaching for couples could help solve the gaps.

• He and she are co-owners of a family business. Their relationship over the years has already turned into a partnership. A lot of criticism of each other. The business has ceased to fit into their family life because now, the business is their whole life. How to bring back the romance of family relationships? How to see again in the spouse, what once made it clear that it was he? Contact relationship coaching for couples to solve those.

How would a couple coaching session help you?

There are a lot of similar situations out there. There are also somewhat implicit situations that appear in the work of the coach later, after several couples coaching sessions. It is interesting that approximately every fifth coach session is in one way or another devoted to the field of personal and family relations. How can a coach support his clients in this format? How to work effectively with family requests?

• A young couple working with a coach clearly saw what is important and valuable that unites them by the coach guiding. The long-term goal of the family became so obvious that she had the determination to move to the city with her husband.

• “For all the years of your life together, you never told me that I am so dear to you,” my wife noticed through tears after her husband answered the coach’s question. “I also feel great gratitude and love for you, I just do not always have time to say this,” she continued. The joint decision about a few hours a week of personal time was a turning point in their relationship.

• A study of the situation at the coach session, how to agree with what we do not agree on, helped in couples coaching to regain stability in the relationship. Clarifying how to negotiate in the family, reinforcing what already works, adding something that we never tried and excluding everything that never worked, has created a new look at family relationships and business as part of the family, and not vice versa.

As you see, couples coaching is a great solution for different family problems. If you need, contact you're local professional such as a relationship coach Chicago.

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