WHAT!? Yes! We are serious; you should be drinking at work. Water that is. :-) There are a few reasons why you should be over at the water cooler drinking. It is believed that water will improve your concentration, provide better mental and physical efficiency and a greater level of productivity. These are all great things because it means you work harder.

While those are great attributes above, the real reason to be drinking at work, again... water, is because you will network and meet more people. Sometimes it can be difficult to go up to someone and introduce yourself and that is okay! People prefer the "random" bump-in rather than some other method and that is exactly what the water cooler provides. Unlimited random bump-in's to people. Networking is so important to any and everybody's career that if you are not networking, it can be assumed you want to stay stagnant.

The more people you can meet at work the better chances of success you will have and increased opportunities for upward movement. If you are not into that, well, then you will at least meet some soon-to-be good friends.

Also, when you walk to the water cooler be sure to take the longest way possible. One - you'll get exercise, which is always needed. Two, it will increase your odds for the "random" bump-in.

While it is important that you do not spend all day walking around the office drinking water, you must dedicate at least 15-30 minutes a day properly networking within your company.

Networking is the key to a successful career. You want to be sure that everyone in the company knows you and you know them; of course in a good way. The more people you network with, the more people will be able to look at for you. If there is a new promotion available or a new position in the company, you want to be sure that they think of you first.

So go ahead, drink at work. Drink more! It's fun and beneficial to your career.

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