Smartphones have become part and parcel of our everyday life. They make a lot of things simple, particularly because you can carry them around and retrieve information anytime, anywhere.

 Among the main purposes that make smartphones helpful to us is the ability to take store, process, and access contacts in the form of email addresses or phone numbers. Whereas this is done easily on personal smartphones, accessing the Global Access List (GAL) is not always possible on smartphones. The process could be tedious and time-consuming. Nonetheless, there are several advantages of having a GAL on the smartphones of your employees. Consider the following advantages.


Saves time

The modern business requires speedy actions to be able to beat the competition. Even small actions such as spending a lot of time retrieving business contacts can be costly to a business. Having GAL synced to employees’ smartphones helps to save time. The employee is familiar with their phone operations and this makes it easy to access contacts as soon as it is needed.


Employees are also able to outline the contacts that are most essential to their daily duties. They will save adequate when retrieving and reaching out to such contacts. They can as well separate them into convenient folders for easy access at any time.


More efficient

GAL sync is also a more efficient way of storing contacts on your smartphone. You may have options updating the contact list easily when it is on the smartphone. Employees will also take a keen interest in contacts that directly affect their performance. This will impact individual performance and consequently the overall performance of the business. Any process that makes such a business activity more effective plays a positive role in developing the organization.


Portability Convenience 

Having GAL in the employees’ smartphone decentralizes access and allows portability. This is probably the greatest advantage of synching GAL to smartphones. The ability to carry phone numbers and email addresses as well as other essential information is key to effective quick responses when necessary.


This is particularly important in the changing work environment where employees are encouraged t work from home or any other convenient place. They can have contacts anywhere and be able to reach out as required. In other words, accessing GAL on smartphone allows decentralization of contact lists.


Strategic Management: You choose what works

Contact information is crucial to the success of any business. In most cases, it is strictly controlled and some rules govern how it is shared and distributed. This demands that employees take great responsibility when they have GAL synced into their smartphones


When GAL is synched in employees’ smartphones, it is easy to impose rules relating to access. For instance, not all employees in the company need to have their phones synced. You can decide who can have access to GAL and have it synced accordingly. This kind of contact management ensures a smooth flow of business operations.


Saves Money

Data collection and storage processes for several organizations take enormous resources. When such information is misused or lost, it can be very costly for the business.


Having such information shared among several employees ensures contact safety. If one is lost or tampered with, it can be retrieved from another employee.


In addition, the time spent to retrieve information from an individual’s phone is relatively lower than would be from a central system.


Contact Data Is Cleaned Effectively

Regardless of the size of the organization, it is necessary to clean up contacts consistently. When such information is in the employees’ phones, they can regularly update and clean up the phonebook as demanded. In a centralized system, an authorized administrator is required to take out the process.


There is a critical need to have an updated list of business contacts, especially when organizations undergo restructuring. Employees can do this constantly on their phones as required when they sync GAL Android systems accordingly.


The Contact List becomes more useful

The essence of having such a contact list is helping stakeholders to push for more business. When the GAL is in the employees’ phonebook, it’s more helpful due to ease of access. It allows them easier communication with industry players and other stakeholders for business purposes.

Ensuring Consistent Workflow


It becomes very frustrating when organizations cannot achieve certain objectives because they lack critical contacts. There are particular employees who can only achieve their goals by accessing internal as well as external contacts. Allow them to do it better by syncing with their smartphones.



Businesses are continuously looking for ways to make their process easier. This kind of automation makes business processes much easier and dissemination of information is better. Although there is a need to control who accesses GAL on their smartphones, it’s much better to have employees take charge of the contact list.

Author's Bio: 

Sagar Mandan is HR and Writer at Techssocial. He likes to share his knowledge by means of writing articles on news, tech, health etc. He likes to stay with family and friends when he is free from work