Why You Should Have Life Insurance!
Here are four questions for you to consider:
1. What would your family lose if you died tomorrow?
2. Would your family have enough money to survive the next few years after you died?
3. If your family needed to tap into their qualified retirement plans, will they need permission and be penalized for accessing their money?
4. Do you know how you can you place your money out of the reach of creditors but have it be accessible to your heirs, tax free?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, your money is not in what I would consider a “simple” tool. A simple tool that protects you from loss with guaranteed returns. You will not have to pay a penalty to access your money, or need to ask permission to get it. You can ensure your money is safe if you’re ever sued.
There are precious few financial tools around today that will protect your money from lawyers! In many states there are but two truly safe financial tools that can do this. Those tools are cash value life insurance and annuities. Financial security is the main reason why the wealthiest people in America make these tools the foundation of their financial portfolios.

Celebrities like O.J. Simpson have used these tools often to avoid having to pay millions of dollars in damages after being sued and held liable in the civil courts. I’m sure you’ve heard countless people asking how he could afford to play golf every day at those ritzy expensive country clubs when he owed millions in judgments. It’s because he had a professional like me set him up with the right financial tools early in his career. Nobody ever would have dreamed he would’ve been in that kind of trouble. But something as simple as a car accident can result in legal actions that can cause you to lose everything, retirement money included, if you’re not protected with the right tools. You can’t afford not to have the proper protections.
I’ll share these wise words with you. If you are faced with paying for your kid’s college with limited money, or funding your retirement, ask yourself this, “Would I rather have the kids sleep on my floor while they’re in school, or would I rather sleep on theirs when I’m retired?”
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