Why You Need to Crack Your Brain’s Neural Code For F-U-N!
“I never win anything, got no friends, and hate school. Nothing is fun.” It was my 12 year old son blaming “me”, for his experiences with people, the environment, and his lack of F-U-N.
• 1. I bit my tongue to avoid exposing my own resistance to his fit of self-pity. Frustration is not just for 12-year-olds. When I hear anxiety from those close to me, I become defensive, as if the blame is mine. And I use the “F” word.

• 2. My favorite guru says repeatedly, “Your life is supposed to be “F-U-N!” She means every day of your ADULT life. F-U-N! is my new profession, not business & law. Got it?

• 3. So let’s review it. Question: “Is your life as an adult,
really, seriously and consistently measured by F-U-N?”
Is this question a trivial-pursuit? Stay with me. F-U-N is deadly serious for your Prosperity-Health-Relationships.

• 4. When you were a kid, up to age 6 or 7, F-U-N was what you were supposed to experience on a daily basis. “Did you have f-u-n today? Tell me exactly what you did.”
It was exhausting to keep track. I didn’t walk around with a recorder or paper & pen, so I made stuff up by the ton..

• 5. They ate up F-U-N like Hershey’s Kisses, which was a gigantic seller in my Pop’s candy supermarket on Knickerbocker Avenue, in Ridgewood, Brooklyn.

• 6. “Tell me again, what you did today that was really FUN.” They would cross-examined you to see if you had enough F-U-N, like it was another “meal” that you were not permitted to miss.

• 7. Organizing the F-U-N rituals for them improved my long-term memory. I discovered that my “f-u-n” lies, really satisfied their sense of ‘well-being’.

• 8. They smiled & laughed at each of my F-U-N whoppers, as-if they experienced it themselves. I deserved a promotion and a raise.

• 8. Even in Kindergarten, & up to 3rd grade, parents, relatives, & my friends acted as if F-U-N was their “occupation”. F-U-N had to be “rated & reviewed” by adults. It was like another subject in their “report card”.

• 9. Please pay attention to this latest (3.13.13) research, it will influence how you think, feel & act about the power & importance of your behaviors.

• 10. “Dwelling on your stressful events increases tissue inflammation in-your-body.” So what? Inflammation is the bodily “switch” for heart-disease, cancer, and Alzheimer’s. Inflammation – bad, “neutral reactions” – good. Ohio University, lead author, Prof. P. Zoccola.

• 11. Wait. Imagine this: you are being interviewed, examined, or reviewed. “Contemplation” of how others are receiving you, causes “Stress”, which triggers your bodily inflammation & Immune-System destruction. So?

• 12. ‘Daydream’ about swimming at the beach, sailing, or snoozing, Not on how you’re coming across to examiners. Stay with me: your ‘thoughts’ cause your ‘feelings’, and your “feelings” causes the “inflammation” results.
Stop telling yourself to ‘ignore’ your feelings, it’s self-sabotage.

• 13. Google: Journal of neuroscience, March, 2013. University of Nottingham (G.B.) Dr. Marcos Philiastides.

• 14. “The ‘stick” is equal to the ‘carrot’, on influencing ‘decision-making’ by punishment to enhance “performance”. Get this: how YOU feel, which comes from the consistent thoughts you think, pushes-and-pulls
your behaviors for health or disease, wealth or poverty.

• 15.Brainics: your Willpower, located two-inches above your left eyebrow (dorso-lateral-pre-frontal-cortex) can override your consistent thoughts leading to “stress” & inflammation. Will you take responsible for your success?

• 16. How? The mental-movies and negative associations you permit to play in the theater of your mind can be changed to positive, or at least “neural”. Choose.

• 17. Get this from the WSJ, March, 2013. “Want to Land that New Job or get into the Graduate-School of your Dreams?” See: the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology (2.24.13). “Wear a Feeling of Power.”

• 18. WSJ calls it, recalling a time when you felt powerful. We call it a “Historical-Success”, like winning your diploma, getting congratulated and being promoted.
That Big-Bonus check for being number 1 in sales or whatever.
• 19. Stop. Right now, Imagine, (daydream), the first-time you met the Significant-Other of your life. Daydream when your first-child arrived, or received news you won your first job, aced the Bar Exam or anything emotional & Hot!

• 20. Do this “imagining” at the right-time, and you cause other people to see you as a “powerful, valuable” person.

• 21. The research is titled, “Power Gets The Job Done: Priming Power Improves Interview Outcomes.” Dr. J. Lammers. Who says? Journal of Experimental Social Psychology. It’s in the Wall Street Journal, so believe it.

• 22. Point? You think your “imaginings” are nonsense, and a “distraction” from the hard work of thinking. Playing-back your winning, F-U-N! Historical-Successes, creates a successful present. Got it? It’s a proven success-strategy.

• 23. Endwords: it goes against the grain, is counterintuitive, and sounds “stupid and wrong”. That’s how the people of world felt when Chris proved our world was “round”, not “flat!”

• 24. Brainiacs: your destiny is to know your “life-is-supposed-to-be-F-U-N!” Your consistent “thoughts-and-feelings” of F-U-N! create your life of happiness, joy, & success. Choose your thoughts, emotions & behaviors.

See ya,

Copyright© 2013, Bernard Wechsler

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