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What is a Heart
Like other muscles in the body the heart is also a muscle. While a person controls other muscles in the body, the person cannot control the heart muscle as it beats 72 times in a minute completing a cardiac cycle every minute of its life in an involuntary action.

What are the Functions of a Heart
The heart is among the most vital organs in the body. It functions as a pump to circulate blood through a system of blood vessels. The heart functions throughout its life time. If the heart stops pumping blood then it dies and so does the person.

The heart performs its functions of receiving used blood from all over the body through the veins, sending the blood to the lungs for purification and receiving the purified blood from the lungs and finally pumping the purified blood to other parts of the body through the arteries. The heart comprises the heart chamber which is a muscle. The heart chamber comprises four parts and together with the circulatory system performs its assigned tasks.

What is Heart Disease
The heart is the central muscle that controls the function of pumping blood to all parts of the body. The heart supplies blood through the circulatory system consisting of blood vessels. The group comprising the heart and the blood vessels together with the blood that circulates in the body is the cardiovascular group.

Any disease that affects the heart and the blood vessels is a heart disease or a cardiovascular disease.

Types of Heart Disease
The various diseases affecting the heart include

Congenital heart defects or the disease a person is born with
Heart rhythm anomalies
Coronary artery disease
Blocked or narrowed blood vessels
Heart attack
Angina or chest pain
Valve malfunctions
Heart muscle problems
What are Symptoms of Heart Disease
Symptoms depend on the disease affecting the specific part of the cardiovascular system. They include

Fainting, shortness of breath, dizziness, fatigue, numbness, fluttering,
Pain in the chest, jaw, neck, abdomen and throat
Swelling in feet, abdomen,
Irregular heartbeats, rhythmic changes, slow or fast heartbeats
Dry cough, skin rashes, fever
Rhythmic changes, slow or fast heartbeats
Congenital heart defects are defects that a person is born with. The symptoms for disease of the heart due to congenital defects showing up at birth include

Poor weight gain, shortness of birth, swelling around the eyes, abdomen and legs and pale blue or grey skin color
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