Most people are not happy with shaving, waxing, and tweezing to remove unwanted hair; if you do not like undergoing this procedure, then you may opt for laser hair removal. Hair removal is among the top cosmetic practices which involve the use of concentrated light directed at the hair follicles. The pigment in the follicles will absorb the light and use it to destroy the hair by preventing hair growth. Search for cosmetic clinics that specialize in laser hair removal in Memphis and enjoy fast and efficient hair removal therapy.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal    

Although laser hair removal therapy does not remove all the hair, it drastically reduces the hair growth to the point that you do not require constant shaving. Laser therapy results in uniform hair removal and growth afterward.

You can apply the laser hair removal at any part of the body since the machine can cover large body parts such as the legs, back, stomach, or face. There is no limit to where you can apply laser hair removal.

The procedure is not painful; a technician places ice on the spot that you need hair removal, which helps in numbing the area before and after the treatment. You may need to have several laser hair removal procedures that will get less painful progressively due to the hair growing thin and fine.

What to Do Before Getting Laser Hair Treatment

Make-Up and Excess Hair Can Affect the Quality of the Procedure

Before going for the treatment, you should shave and avoid much make-up. Make-up can hinder the effectiveness of the laser rays reaching the hair follicles. If you leave hair unshaved, it may get burned by the rays leaving you with the smell of burning hair. Moreover, unshaved hair may cause you irritation after receiving the treatment.

Leaves You with Excess Heat on the Skin

The heat you get from laser therapy will stay in your skin for more than 24 hours, and your technician will recommend avoiding saunas, hot showers, and the gym. If you insist on doing these activities, it might elevate the temperatures on the skin, which is at risk of bacterial infection.

If you have a tan, you might have to wait till the tan fades away before getting laser hair removal. Once you undergo the procedure, you should avoid sunbathing and too much exposure to the sun, which may cause other skin problems such as skin cancer and eczema.

Sometimes Laser-Hair Treatment Results In Excessive Hair Growth

Laser therapy does not always work for all people; it may create excessive hair growth for some people. You should prepare for this if you choose to undergo laser therapy; your dermatologist should advise you if your hair is likely to exhibit this phenomenon.

You May Need To Switch Your Beauty Regime

It is best if you avoid some products such as glycolic acid and retinol creams days before and after the procedure. The procedure might leave your face dry and dermatologist’s advice that you use face mists and extra moisture to restore the quality of your skin. Chemical peels also may affect the health of your skin soon after the procedure is complete.


Hair removal is a personal beauty regime, and you may choose to have laser hair removal. Laser hair removal removes excess hair to the point that you may not need to shave; the method is simple and involves the use of special rays of lights that destroy the hair from the follicles. 

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