Who needs a DUI Defense Attorney? Anyone who drinks, even one drink, while out to dinner, at a club or lounge, or at a party. Even one drink can put you at risk of driving under the influence. And illegal drugs count. Being under the influence of any illegal substance that impairs your ability to think and function is a reason not to drive. If you have ever noticed on pharmaceutical drugs there is a warning that advises against operating heavy machinery while taking. When your motor skills are impaired, your reflexes are slower, you are unable to think as fast as you would normally, and worse, you are unable to react as quickly. You may even close your eyes for what seems like a second and never open them again.

Drinking and driving campaigns have been around for a such a long time now, that a new generation of drivers already know about the designated driver, something those of us in our 40’s didn’t know about until long after we were drinking and driving every weekend. With the way society is set up, it makes it almost impossible to not drink and drive. Drinking is part of almost every social occasion, and those that don’t drink can often be ostracized. So what happens at the end of the night? It is a fact that many, many people get behind the wheel after a night out, whether they’ve had one drink or five drinks or more. They need to get home and aside from having a friend who agrees not to drink, what is a person to do? Sometimes good, law abiding people, get caught in this conundrum. A DUI Defense Attorney does not condone drinking and driving, but helps that arrest not ruin the rest of your life. Hopefully, you escaped without injury, and without injuring others. And hopefully, you will not do it again. Each time you are arrested for a DUI, it makes it harder for an attorney to help you get your life back.

Using a DUI Defense Attorney as a way to get away with drinking and driving is like using abortion as a form of birth control. It doesn’t work and it’s not good for you. The attorney is there to help you help yourself. While everyone should be well aware, by now, of the consequences of drunk driving, one arrest should really make it a priority to stop driving under the influence. You must prepare for your ride home any time you go out and plan to drink, even if you only plan to have “one.” Having one in most cases ends up leading to a second and a third. Why? Well after that one, depending on quickly you drank it, you are relaxed, your inhibitions are lowered and your logic is impaired. A second one now sounds like a good idea, and a third sounds like a great idea! Soon you have gone from slightly feeling good to being buzzed to being full on drunk. By the end of the night, your motor functions are definitely slowed down, you may be slurring, not seeing straight and definitely not reacting the way you normally would. But you drove there; you have your keys in hand and insist you are okay to drive. Your friends, who are probably as logically impaired as you are, may actually let you get behind the wheel, and there lies the recipe for disaster.

You get behind the wheel and you start out driving slowly and carefully, but soon your mind wanders, your blinks are slower, causing your eye to be closed longer than usual, your vision may be blurry, and something as simple as someone cutting you off can turn can become a major problem. You don’t react as your normally would. Maybe you hit them, or you slam your brakes on too hard and quickly, causing your car to fishtail, or hit the guard rail, or worse, slide into the opposite lane, into oncoming traffic. The best case scenarios are that you skid into the breakdown lane and scare yourself straight, call a friend and get a ride home. The worst case scenario is you get involved in a head on collision, severely injuring yourself, and possibly killing another driver. Your whole life changes in an instant. Who do you call? A DUI Defense Attorney. Who should you have called? You should have called your best friend, your brother, your lover... and even your mother, before you got behind the wheel. Even those with the best intentions can make these types of wrong decisions that create the perfect storm.

The best idea is to always be prepared before you put that first drink to your lips. Take a cab, assign someone as your designated driver, have someone drive you and be on the ready to pick you up, take only enough money with you to buy one drink, tell the waitress to stop you at one drink, ask her to bring you coffee, hang at the bar or restaurant a half hour longer than you would, after your last drink. Any plan is better than none and a lot better than putting yourself in a position to have to call a DUI Defense Attorney to save your life. Always remember that even though your attorney can challenge your charges, it does not give you reason to do it again.

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