If you are searching for info on, "Why to register a company in Singapore?" then you are on the right page. Go on, to read the reasons why other individuals have taken the decision.

As per the World Bank report 2020, Singapore is the 2nd best place to do your business in. Mastercard Index of Women Entrepreneurs also listed Singapore at the 8th position in the list of countries best suited for women entrepreneurs. It is based on data UNESCO and the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor.

Reasons for Settling Your Start-Up in Singapore

For the last two decades, Singapore has successfully attracted entrepreneurs from all over the world. And there is still room for the individuals with creative business ideas to incorporate a business in Singapore. It is still a place that supports and values dreamers and start-ups. Let's see why this country is a magnet for new start-ups and why you should choose it to establish your own.

Strategic Location

Singapore is strategically located on the sea-links between East and West. Its geographic location in Southeast Asia makes it a perfect candidate for an Entrepot. And its rulers have taken advantage of the situation to establish Singapore's trading economy.

Today, established businesses MNCs and SMEs come to Singapore to grow their businesses. This has turned Singapore into a thriving economy and an important business hub in Southeast Asia.

MNC's and entrepreneurs are increasingly choosing this country to base their headquarters and regional offices. Doing so gives them an opportunity to do business with both sides of the hemisphere. It gives them access to more than 2.8 billion consumers. And Singapore gives them reliable sea and air-connectivity with the Asian markets.

Pro-Business Environment

Politically, Singapore is a stable country. Its leaders have taken efforts to establish a pro-entrepreneur environment to attract enterprising spirits to this country. With their efforts, Singapore has transformed into a third most globalized economy in the Ernst and Young 2011 Globalization Index.

Singapore is connected to the global economy, which allows locals to do business with companies from all around the world. It has signed many free trade agreements and investment guarantee agreements with other countries. It ensures easy access for Singaporean companies to other markets. Finally, Singapore has strict laws to protect intellectual property.

Qualified Workforce

Singapore is also a leading educational hub. It means businesses have access to educated and qualified professionals. It runs a knowledge-based economy and attracts talent from all over the world. It is why Singaporean labour force is professionally qualified, English speaking and highly sought-after by MNCs.

World-Class Infrastructure

Singapore has invested in world-class infrastructure. Surely, you noticed the modern Changi International Airport. It is one of the best airports in the world. It also has well-known and highly efficient ports which serve more than 660 ports spread all over the globe. It has a highly efficient mass-rapid transportation network. It has also invested in high-speed broadband communication networks.

Attractive Taxation System

Singapore has one of the most attractive and liberal tax systems. It is one of the most attractive aspects of starting a business in Singapore for foreigners. It levies low corporate tax rates.

Private limited companies pay around 8.5% up to $300,000 profits and a flat 17% of tax above that. The startups get 75% of tax exemption on their first $100,000 profit and 50% of exemption on their next $200,000.

Singapore levies no tax on dividends, capital gains, or on inherited wealth. Singapore personal income tax rate ranges from 0%-20% above $320,000.

SMEs create a lot of employment and help the government in keeping the unemployment rate in check. The government also supports them by offering various tax benefits, exemptions, and rebates. It has many programs to lower their operational costs, improve skill development, office automation, digitization, Etc.‍ You are right in your decision to start a small business in Singapore. Now, don't delay the deed.

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