Losing weight is the hardest work you may ever do in your life. That’s why 95 – 98% of all diet plans fail. (Including Jenny Craig, Lap-band surgery, diet pills, exercise and whatever other plan you think is the “best”!)

Every day, all through the day you are facing the necessity to eat food. Advertisement everywhere you look is ALWAYS for foods that are not good food you, and they surround you everywhere. Fast food stores are filled with unhealthy donuts, sugary treats, baked goods, candy. People bring sugary, baked goods and candy into work- not broccoli! Kids are now the fastest growing population of obese because they are wooed into eating unhealthy fast foods with bribes of toys they get with their package!

Add then there’s the social pressure of advertisements showing excessively thin models and movie stars. There is a huge disconnect in our society: you’re being told that the only way to be sexy and attractive is to be thin, but only unhealthy, junk food is advertised and available!

Furthermore there is so much confusion about WHAT TO EAT to be healthy! Should you eat low fat, or the “new” Paleo eating plan? There are doctors and professionals on both sides of this opposite controversy claiming THEIR diet is best. How are YOU supposed to choose what’s best?

Is it “A Perfect Storm” or “The Diet Matrix”?

If you’ve seen these movies, you know that in A Perfect Storm, events “happened” together to create the most powerful, destructive storm. However, the story of The Matrix is different. There was a hidden world that was controlling and keeping their power hidden from helpless victims who “didn’t know the truth”.

Since the 1950’s, a low fat diet plan was encouraged by our government. It was claimed that high cholesterol was giving us heart disease and diabetes. An assumption was then made that eating fatty foods created high levels cholesterol in our bodies, and then another assumption was that these high levels were bad for your health. A big advertising effort was mounted and the “food pyramid” with government recommendation about which foods to eat was changed. The foods the government now was encouraging the American population to eat was bread, pasta, cereal, and limit and practically eliminate fat! But when you look at the results of the changed food pyramid, obesity, heart disease and diabetes (as well as a host of other chronic diseases) has spiraled out of control! It’s been estimated that 60% of the American population is overweight, and 40% of that number is OBESE!

About the same time a new product came to market. Called High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) this replacement for sugar was both cheaper and an easier substitute for regular sugar. It found it’s way into soda, sports drinks, packaged baked goods, KETCHUP, and so many other food items.

Just think about it: Why would you be told that a plan to get you healthy has actually gotten people fat, and sick? Instead of proper nutrition, you’ve been encouraged to eat addictive foods (sugars) that now have created a $60 billion dollar industry. Not, just with dieting, but with “Big Pharma” making pills to “help you” lose weight, and medications and surgeries to treat the medical conditions that are caused by eating the food the government is recommending! People are sick, and dying because of these food recommendations, and the ingredients our FDA allows in foods! What’s wrong with this picture?

It might sound like, and it actually could be a conspiracy. After all sixty billion dollars is a LOT of money that could motivate unscrupulous individuals and corporations. When you add that to the medical costs of treating all these sick people, you will realize that many people are making a lot of money! And most people using these recommendations and treatments are losing their health and wellbeing, and sometimes their lives!

So what can you do?

These events have created a nation of overweight, starving for real nutrition, stressed out people who hate and feel betrayed by their bodies. It doesn’t have to be this way. Your body is doing just what it’s supposed to do when it doesn’t have proper nutrition, is being fed toxins, and is under continuous stress. So, stop blaming your body, your lack of will or won’t power. Empower yourself by learning about what you need to be healthy, and take personal responsibility. It doesn’t matter whether you believe it’s “A Perfect Storm” or “The Matrix”; don’t leave your health in the hands of the “fox, guarding the chicken coop.“

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