If you are reading this article than there is a chance you are not making the type of income you have always envisioned yourself making. It's okay if this is you, but it's not okay for you to remain struggling in your ventures without starting to make a change for the better.

When I was a script writer and actor living in New York I used to tell myself and everyone around me that the key to writing a great script was to think outside the box. Outside the box is a scary place where every nightmare I ever had existed, where every failure I wasn't able to deal with remained, but it was also the only place where I could face my fears and conquer them. When you think outside the box you have to see a different version of not only you, but also your situation. You have to be willing to trash any ideas or concepts you once had and start from scratch if that is what's needed. There and only there is where all your hopes and dreams can be achieved, but to get there you have to risk it all. Unfortunately, inside the box is where we all live most of the time.

Inside the box is where it's most comfortable, and soothing. It's where you have found yourself hiding so that no one can hurt you. No one can blame you for anything or tell you that it was a stupid idea. It's where all you have ever known is not only correct, but unaffected by any chances of it being wrong. If I were to compare it to a single idea I would compare it to the idea that the world was flat. If the world is flat there is no reason to leave the comfort of your house, and your acceptable income. There's no reason to risk life and death at the mercy of an unpredictable ocean. Instead, you can take confidence in the knowledge that there is nothing else out there that can offer you anything better.

To achieve the kind of financial freedom you deserve you must first open your mind to idea that you have been doing wrong all along. You must accept the possibility that the way you have operated your business, and your life might be taking you down a path that leads to failure not success. I do not mean to be abrasive or insulting to anyone out there, but rather show you what I once had to accept for myself also. If a person can see that their path can go a different way than there are even closer to achieving their goals than when they first began.

To change our income we have to be able to change our lives, and to change our lives we have to be willing to change our minds. The mind is the most powerful weapon in the world that can be stopped only by the person who's thoughts they pertain. If a person chooses to write the knowledge of his or her's thought down than not even death can stop this weapon from being used. It is only us who hold back our true potential by believing we are better off inside our little box. Instead, I dare you to step outside of what you might consider comfortable, and envision yourself doing something greater. Only then will you see the true potential of what you're worth.

Dylan Thomas once wrote “Though wise men at their end know dark is right, because their words had forked no lightning they do not go gentle into that good night”. I have always thought that to be some of the strongest words ever written. It is a battle cry for people to not to let their lives become wasted. Don't wait until your life is over to think back and wonder what you could have done differently, or where you could have gone if you had only stepped outside the box.

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