Might as well have no head without them.
The 7 Skills You Need to Pick-Up to be Successful.

There are many skills in the world that you can learn to be successful, and without them, you won't.

They can be anything from speaking and writing to leadership and strategy.

But when you boil them down.

There are 7 that are more important than all others.

They are fundamental because they entail both maintaining and maximizing the mind and body. And creating abilities you can leverage to be successful.

Now let’s be off.

#1 : Habit Formation and Alteration – One skill that you need to develop is to form new habits and alter your old habits.

This is fundamental to all others on the list because you need to be able to master the art of habit formation and alteration. Because without it, it will be very difficult to understand the process of building the others on the list.

With habit formation, you are building new habits that allow you to develop yourself, your skills, and abilities.

With habit alteration, your taking old habits, finding their root cause, and changing the end result by maintaining the things that trigger it and replacing it with a new result.

For a bit more information on what you can do to master your habits… check this out…

#2 : Pet Projects (Skill Development) – Pet Projects are Goal-Oriented Projects you do out of school and work that help hone a skill you want, build a business you want, or do anything you want really as long as it fits your long-term goals.

You need to pick up Pet Projects because they keep you competitive in the job market by boosting your capabilities out of work. (Getting certified at a skill)

Can allow you to quit your day-job and do what always interested you, full-time, if they become successful enough. (Your Pet Project Business takes off.)

Keep you happy because you have something that is completely yours. Making it your baby.

To learn more and find out the steps to create a Pet Project, it’s time to check it out here…

#3 : Basic understanding of Systems:

To be successful, you have to be able to process information quickly and apply it over many different situations. This doesn’t mean you don’t change your view of things, but have to keep your eye out for the general systems of things.

As any world with rules or physical laws, a system develops within those constraints. And the system that develops follows the same fundamentals between them all.

That means that any organization, from governments to business, ultimately develop similar fundamental systems, and if you understand those fundamental systems, you can quickly understand how to work within them or even exploit them.

The fundamental system always looks like this:

· What gets put into the system -

o Inputs: Money, Resources, Time

· What happens to Inputs in the System

o Activity Area: Processes, Methods, Formulas on Inputs

· What is produced by the System to include bad and good

o Good Outputs: Products, Experience, Education

o Bad Outputs: Pollution, Animosity, less-than-stellar results

A quick example:

Your BANK ACCOUNT is a system.

It’s a system that holds your money and dictates what you can and cannot afford.

o Income is your Inputs into the system from working, owning, and others.

o The Bank Account is the Activity Area where you can move and hold your money while it gains interest. (Formula)

o And Outputs is Spending from your bank account.

This is a fairly simple system, but can create dire consequences if you don’t understand it.

Because if your Income (Inputs) is less than your Spending (Outputs) than you will find yourself in trouble when the bills come.

This general systems theory can be applied to everything, as everything follows these fundamentals of systems. Because our world follows physical laws and rules that ensure fundamental systems exist.

Another quick example:

The Human Body is even a System.

The Human Body has Inputs (Food and Water).

The Human Body has many, many processes, methods, and formulas. (Digestive system, Respiratory System, Nerve System, etc., etc., etc…)

The Human Body even has Outputs (Excrement and Waste).

And it follows the same rules of the BANK ACCOUNT.

The difference here is that if your Inputs outweigh your outputs, than you will find yourself in trouble.

o Input of Too Much Smoking and Drinking – Your Internal Organs will deteriorate

o Input of Too Much Food – your body will overreact to excess food, leading to weight gain, and deteriorate over time

o Input of Bad Food – like using bad oil in an engine, it will run, but it will run inefficiently and eventually break down. Just like your body.

o Effecting your:

§ Brain Cognizance (Brain Function)

§ Motor Functions

§ And More

Lack of Outputs can be as bad as too many inputs as the system overloads with too many inputs and not enough outputs

For Example:

o Output of No Exercise – leads to being unhealthy as the body cannot effectively regulate itself (Weight Gain, Body and Brain Deterioration, and more)

o Output of Not Using your Brain

o Not challenging or doing repetitive activities with your brain can lower your IQ

o Only putting your brain in Cognitive dissonance can you “age-proof” your brain and slow the onset of symptoms of brain aging, and can also help to keep your brain functioning at peak capacity.

Segueing perfectly into out next Fundamental…

#4 : Healthy Lifestyle – Health directly translates in how well you can accomplish the other 6 on the list. Because without good health, your mind doesn’t work as well, your body is sluggish. And both deteriorate at the rate at which you let them.

So if you let yourself go, your mind and body will follow.

Therefore, the way to success is…

a. Giving up Processed Foods – The Saying, “You are what you eat,” is true. If you eat junk, you are junk. It’s proven that if was touched by man. The more likely it is to break your body down, slow your functions, and ultimately end you.

b. Supplementing – The normal person’s diet lacks much of what the human body needs. This is why it is important to ensure your body gets what it needs through supplementation

i. The key here is once again to stay away from processed items such as extracts, synthesized (Man-Made) supplements, and other unhealthy supplements that aren’t can be laced with trace metals and other bad ingredients.

c. Picking up Exercising – Exercise is one of the best things you can do to improve your mind and body. Giving balance to your overall well- being.

i. Such as YOGA.

ii. And figuring out how to work out anywhere!

d. Create Cognizance Dissonance - Find ways to constantly engage your brain to build your brain powers

#5 : Life Audits – Life Audits are important because they let you refocus on your life and reevaluate how it is going.

Letting you see if the actions you’re taking and the activities you’re involved in our accomplishing your future.

A quick sample is:

I want to be successful in my company.

And I need to get a few certifications to do that.

Am I taking the Certification Classes in my spare time or am I watching television?

If you’re watching TV, you’re off the trail to your success.

As Excessive Television or any activity that is not benefiting you socially, economically, or financially is not helping you accomplish what you want.

And you need to get back by taking a few evening courses.


Is it worth it to you to watch 34 hours of television a week? (Average for an American.)

To learn more on how exactly to run your own Life Audit and find if you’re off track, check it out here…

#6 : Time Management

We live in a world of limited time, but infinite possibilities.

Albeit we are slaves of time. It is very possible to master it and bend it to our will.

The key is to train yourself to use schedules, lists, and timers.

· The schedules tell you when to do things.

· The lists tell you what you’re doing and how to do them.

· And the timer ensures your meeting your time requirements so you get done what you need when you need to.

In time, you will come to find you don’t need the any of them and you can see your schedule, list, and timer inside your mind.

For more information, check out how you master time by using The Power of the List Series…


#7 : Socializing Skills – Most of the time, it’s not enough to just be good at what you do.

Most of the time it is only 50% of the battle.

Instead, most of the time it’s all about how well you can get others to like you.

This is just the way it is.

So don’t whine about it.

Revel in it.

Become what you’re not as it’s the fastest and easiest way to success.

Which brings up the question…

How does one learn to socialize?

Well considering I was born very shy and awkward. I was always afraid to talk to people.

And now I can talk to anyone, anywhere, and at any time.

And the only way I found to get good at it was…

· Become very thick-skinned

o Be able to take criticism, rejection, and outright aggression from others

· Become rubber skinned

o When need be, be able to turn the tables of the conversation upon those who are criticizing, rejecting, and being aggressive and reflect it to overcome their objections

· And ultimately practice.

o Learn how the art of conversation works. Because just like anything, all of them have the same essential pattern that can be followed. And what you say becomes less important to HOW you say it.

So find out more how you can be the champion and learn to socialize…

So You Want to be a Millionaire?

You must have noticed and realized that all of these Fundamentals are Internal.

Never mentioned was knowing the right people, having the right idea, or being in the right place.

Because they are all External Factors.

External Factors that you have no control of, which means they are based on luck and the twist of fate. Both of which I never put much faith or money behind.

Because to be successful, to be a millionaire, you have to understand the game you’re playing, how to maximize your abilities and potential, and ensure to take care of what you do have, YOURSELF.

Everything else is luck of the draw.

This has been a long, long building Blog Post that I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed writing.

Let us know what you think in the comments and don’t forget to share to others on, “Why they’re not Millionaires.”

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