Why worry and for what reason? If it is not for a matter of pride and self deceit, we just cannot run away from the fact that there are so many things in and around our environments over which have no iota of control. In order to make this point clearer, it goes without saying that we have no control over the choice of the human person that brought us to this side of the great terrestrial divide as well as our country of origin.

It is quite also incontestable that we have no control over the sex of an unborn baby despite the proof of the current scientific manipulation of the birth process just like the possibility for us to control the sun, the moon, the rain and the wind. Anyone who wants to put a control tab on the seasons, winter, autumn, summer and spring is wasting his or her time since that is the sole prerogative of the nature since the world came into existence a billion of years ago. Has there been anyone with total manipulation of any other person’s soul even his or her children? That is not at all possible because once he or she become an adult; it is left to him or her to use the God given talents for the purpose of taking decisions in accordance with his or her sense and sensibility.

If we go by this same line of thinking, no one is given any power of control over things and events that happen not in his or her country but also in the immediate environment. The major frustration and challenge facing any normal human being today is the feeling of knowing so many things that are wrong as well as the apparent solutions but far from having the way and manner of correcting them.

As good point of self development, it is not ideal to worry over issues, matters and challenges that are far beyond one’s control, Whether you like it or not, the only thing worry can do for you is to wear you out without leading you to any positive change on the apparent possible situation. As parents, we worry so much over our children particularly their future self development while this should not be the case leaving that aspect in the hands of God.

If you do not know it, worry kills on a gradual basis so it is better stopped if we do not want to suffer from its untoward consequences which might be death if care is not taken. Whatever may be our situation, challenges and problems in life and in whatever situation we may find ourselves, it is always good for us to do our best and leave the rest to posterity which is the final arbiter.

Since it is not quite possible for any normal human being to be an island to him or herself, each and everyone of us is whether we like it or not saddled with a responsibility at times beyond which we can cope so all we have to do is our best in the circumstance and leave the rest. Just do what you can and hand over the one you cannot to the Almighty so there is no need to worry.

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