It is official, you would never get the actual number of sexual partners someone has had, at least not from them. This behavior is common in both the male and females reason, still leaves a lot to be desired. There is this dogmatic belief of how the more number of partners a man has had the more of a man he is whereas, the less a woman has had, the better. Maybe, is this why women lie about the number of sexual partners they have been with?
Whenever a woman meets someone she thinks would make a potential better half, they like being modest about everything that they are or could be. If you would ask yourself the things you would do as a woman before you set out for a first date then you would feel the flow of this. Most women are after making the first impression. Whether or not this impression lasts is normally none of their business. Would this be the reason most marriages or even relationships start going outside the window as soon as the couple gets to know each other? Well, moving on.

The most area of concern that gets most women lying has to be the part where they have to disclose to their latest catch her past number. A woman lies to make herself look all morally upright. Yes, that is exactly why she does. The big controversy however is, how come it is okay for a man to have as much partners as possible in the past but when it comes to a woman then it translates to something else? All this could narrow down to the societal stereotypes.

Women, most of them just after a break up, you would hear them throw tantrums and rant about how he was a dog, about how he hurt her and about how all men are just the same. This happens all the time not because it is the man who does the cheating but because the society believes that it is the men who will not care about the number of partners they sleep with or if she has been in a threesome before. The society simply brands them as womanizers and its okay that way. On the other hand, it is very hard to believe that a relationship has gone down the drain due to a woman’s infidelity. In as much as there are women who would feel sexually starved and go looking for it somewhere, just like the men hook themselves with escorts, this would most likely cause a stir. Why? Because a woman who has multiple sex partners is referred to as a slut by the society.

There have been a number of researches conducted most recently even in colleges whose main objective was to determine if it is true to the book that men have the most and women the least sexual partners. To make the results as believable as possible, lie detectors were used on these college students and sadly or maybe not sadly, women were found out to have the highest number of sexual partners. Most men would multiply their numbers by almost three to look all manly but the women lie about it and would slash their numbers by almost a third to look innocent.

This works because apparently, a woman believes that if her man has had several other women, then he is the real deal but if a woman has had the same then she is useless. Sadly enough, this is the criteria used to select a dating partner these days. So women lie to be able to find partners because that seems to be the only way.

Did you know that a single woman or a woman who has stayed so long without a partner would actually have as many sleeping partners like never before. They may not brag about it but would lie about it for fear of victimization but still it’s the truth. Women are weak and emotional beings and in as much as some of their sex escapades are the ooops, there are actually some they don’t regret having at all. Women lie but when they are tired about it, or feel the need to control these numbers, they get married. Works sometimes.

Bottom line is, women lie because they are also human beings and just like men, they have feelings and sexual needs to be satiated. So if lying about it allows them to get away then so be it. Most importantly however is to scrape off the sexual stereotypes, even everything out and avoid judging women by merely the number of partners they have had. Besides, isn't it the experience from both parties that matter?

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Mike Hatcher writes on mens rights and alternative relationships such as swingers, polyamory and open relationships. Mike writes for the largest swingers blog