That’s right. Women find a deep voice sexy because it has a warm quality and sounds confident. It stirs something inside of us, without a doubt.

The last time you heard your voice on voicemail, an answering machine or some other form of recording equipment, were you impressed? Remember, how she hears your voice is exactly what you hear on the recording, not the sound you hear in your head. So judge your speaking voice accordingly.

If you talk through your nose or you sound wimpy, whiny, gruff, boring, too young, too old, too loud or too soft, she is not going to find you quite as attractive as she will if you discover your ‘real’ voice – a voice that begins in your chest cavity and resonates as you speak. George Clooney has it and so does James Earl Jones. Vin Diesel has it as well as Peter Coyote. When those men speak, women take notice.

  • You do not need to look like Adonis for women to find you attractive if your voice has that wonderfully deep, sensual resonance which draws them to you.

You have a better voice inside of you. It is your real or true voice and it begins in your chest. Most people, unfortunately, are not using that particular resonator when they speak. Instead, they use their other 4 resonators, relying heavily on their throat and voice box to do most of the work when they talk.

When you add your chest cavity to your other resonators, however, you will find that your real voice sounds deeper, richer and more mature. In addition, you will be able to increase your volume without shouting. This is called projection and it is only possible if you are powering your voice by means of your chest. Anything else is called shouting.

If you care about the image you project, bear in mind that 37% of that image is attributed to your speaking voice. And, over the phone where there is no visual, your voice is the image you project – the one you hearing on your voicemail, not the one you hear in your head.

The benefits of voice training can change your life in ways you cannot imagine but one of the most important benefits is that you will project confidence when you approach that woman you are hoping to impress. A velvety smooth voice can do just that!

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