When you are choosing the colour scheme or the type of colour for your house interiors then keep two things in mind: one, it must be easy to clean and two, it must be appealing and do minimal light reflection! Paint sheen and the actual colours are closely related to each other and thus seem to be attractive. Opt for eggshell paint as it is easy to clean and resistant to probable wear and tear.

What is eggshell paint?

If you are new to the term: Eggshell paint then brace yourselves! It is a paint sheen that adds immense gloss to the interior walls. It has a flat sensation on your palms and is mediocre when compared to matte or stain sheens. It produces a low lustrous effect on the walls and never fails to give your room a soft glow. It is this quality that makes the eggshell paints an easier to maintain option!

Where to use eggshell paint?

At the time of recruiting the licensed residential painters in Pinjarra make it a point to ask them ample questions regarding the much needed gloss and sheen. There are typical places in your house where an eggshell paint can create an eye-catchy look. These places include: bedrooms, hallways, living area, offices and the finished basements.

Why should one use eggshell paint?

  • Useful in concealing flaws:

A definite reason why the house painters in Pinjarra use eggshell paints is that is has a matte based sheen that is better at hiding the bumps, pitting and grooves. These paints have low reflectivity.

  • Hassle free application:

While lapping is a common problem when it comes to applying glossy paints but with eggshell paint lapping is greatly minimised! Take time to paint and you will notice the paint rows melting into each other.

  • Easy to clean:

There is a probable reason why the interior painters in Pinjarra use eggshell paints! It is because it is aesthetically appealing and is absolutely easy to clean! Eggshell paint’s slight glossy nature prevents the problem of burnishing that is quite normal with matte paints.

How eggshell paint is different from satin finish paints?

  • More matte sheen than satin paints:

The diligent house painters in Mandurah offer timely service as the eggshell paint is easy to apply! Such paints have greater matte look than the traditional satin finish paints! The pigment volume concentration percentage of eggshell is higher than the satin paints, thus giving the former more matte sheen.

  • Less expensive:

If you are looking for a cost effective paint option then eggshell paint must be your go to option! Satin paints are glossier and thus have more solid binders which increase its pricing.

  • Easier to clean and maintain:

When you choose eggshell paint over satin paint then you are at a win-win situation! These paints require low maintenance and if applied by the professionals do not bubble easily and last for years to come.

If you are planning to give your house interiors a fresh coat of paint then summon professional painters as they are skilled to carry out the task in a diligent manner.

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