Pathological lying is a medical disorder in which the patient develops a habit of lying constantly without any logic. Also called Mythomania, a pathological liar is someone who lies repeatedly for no obvious reasons. It is different from occasional lying, in which the person lies to not hurt the feelings of others or to protect themselves.

The condition has been around for decades. There may or may not be a serious mental condition behind the issue. According to the research, people lie this way in order to gain sympathy or appear heroes. However, in some cases, there is really nothing to gain from lying. It just becomes a habit that gives the person unique satisfaction.

So, why does it happen and what makes people lie repeatedly?

Why Pathological Liars Lie?

A severe head injury or an existing mental health disorder can be the reasons why the patient might end up lying repeatedly. The more the patient lies, the easier it becomes for the patient to lie more frequently.

Lying is most commonly reported in patients suffering from addiction. First, they lie to themselves by convincing that their drugs and alcohol addiction is fine and there’s nothing wrong with it. Secondly, they lie to their families and friends who might not support their gambling, drinking, and drug addiction. In most cases, family members suspect the pathological lying symptoms and seek professional assistance for the patient. The treatment for pathological lying is available at Calida rehab a rehabilitation center in Pune & Mumbai.
How to Identify a Pathological Liar?

Diagnosis of pathological lying is super challenging. It is not easy to identify a pathological liar, as these sets of people become so used to lying that they know the best tricks to fool others. Even though it’s human nature to differentiate between a lie and a truth, a pathological liar is too smart to get caught. This makes it really difficult for the families to identify the lying symptoms. A few common signs that might help you detect the lies are:

They only discuss the events where they appear as heroes
They may tell stories in which they appear as victims, probably to gain sympathy
These are often the detailed stories
They answer your questions quickly, but their responses do not seem relevant to your question or they are mostly vague
They could tell a unique version of the same story to different people

The main difference between pathological lying and white lies is that a pathological liar lies without any purpose. There is a chance they must be gaining nothing from lying, but they still choose to lie.
Treatment for a Pathological Liar

As mentioned earlier, the condition could be due to an underlying mental health issue. So, the first step to the treatment is identifying the root cause of the disease. Psychological Disorder Treatment in Pune is available for those who experience the symptoms due to an existing mental health disorder.

Treatment involves a combination of psychotherapy and medication for drug or alcohol addiction treatment.

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