As you grow up the reasons to dress up are fairly reduced because obviously, dressing up for a job interview is not really happening right? But, during the Wedding season you have reasons to shop, book salon appointment guilt free, pamper yourself with cocktail dresses, Fancy Pants. Etc.

2.Clicks and flashes everywhere
Weddings are the best, and only legitimate reason to update our social media profiles, so bro! Can’t afford to miss it.

3. Meet new people
A wedding is a perfect place to socialize. The bride and groom’s entire family, friends, acquaintances are there, so you, the guest, have the opportunity to mingle around! This is the perfect place to meet new people, and provide a wide playfield to the extrovert in you

4.Admire the venue
Usually, a wedding is held at a banquet that is beautiful, mesmerizing and available with all the facilities and utilities. As a guest, it is interesting and fun to admire the venue that the wedding is held at. Notice the little details, like the centerpieces or how the altar is decorated. You will learn a lot about the bride and groom by seeing how they envisioned their special day!

5. Free food!
Sometimes the best part of a wedding is the food. It’s a huge portion and eminent part of the wedding because wedding guests sure get hungry! From exotic Indian delicacies to desserts, it’s a perfect delight for any foodie, and not to forget Drinks are always available too, which some people take way too advantage of!

6. Dance!
Okay, I think maybe the best part of any wedding, is the party. And what party is a party without dancing? A great DJ combined with classic wedding songs (Special mention:- sukhbir’s OHOOOO) also, It’s always great to see the first dance between the newlyweds, and it’s always special to see the mother/father daughter dances. Dancing is fun, memorable, and a great way to end the night on a special day like that!

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