Meta-Medicine which has been developed by Johannes Fisslinger and Richard Flook is based on Dr. Hamer's findings which were discovered and published over 30 years ago. Meta-Medicine and Dr. Hamer's German New Medicine tell us that there is a biological purpose to a living organism's struggle for survival which we have come to know as disease. This survival program begins when the organism suffers a threat to its existence and life as it knows it to be. Essentially, we get sick when there has been some type of threat to our survival/existence, usually a fear or loss of some type. During this threat or trauma as we would call it, our bodies are working to get us through the crisis. There are no symptoms when this is going on so that we can focus on tolerating and getting through the trauma. The body undergoes processes of which we are unaware but it is all meant to get us out of trouble which is what the biological purpose is about. Once we are out of danger and the trauma or conflict is over, the body goes into a repair phase. This healing phase is where the symptoms show up and what we call disease. If the healing phase includes extra cells being sent to close up an area that has been widened for a biological purpose such as allowing more fluid or air to get through, these extra cells are now labeled a cancerous tumor.
Every living creature according to Quantum Science has a Field in it and around it that provides the information the organism needs to survive. Rupert Sheldrake has found that these Morphic Fields, as he calls them, are responsible for what we have been calling instinct. So, these biological conflicts are running from the Field. They are processes put in place for an organism to continue to exist as long as it is useful to the herd or the community and is strong enough to survive.
Evolution plays a big part in Meta-Medicine as Dr. Hamer has the brain mapped according to oldest and most recent parts and shows the relays to the related organs. The biological conflict has much to do with the part of the brain involved and what conflicts an organism of that level of existence would be going through. The Brain Stem, the oldest part of the brain, is related to the respiratory system, the digestive system, and the reproductive system. This is because at that level the creature or being was interested in breathing, eating, and procreating. In essence getting a morsel of air, food, and faster reproduction. Here we have involvement of lungs, intestines, pancreas, stomach, adrenals, thyroid, ovaries and testes.
The Cortex, the newest part of the brain, is involved with territorial and separation conflicts. The biological conflicts we encounter are really very similar to the conflicts of the animal world in the wild. We can use what a wolf or deer in the wild goes through in a metaphorical sense but the content is the same. All living creatures go through these survival conflicts for a biological purpose. The Alpha Wolf's or Deer's territorial dominance issues are not too different from what is happening in the rest of the animal world which does include humans. We are very affected by territorial issues; actually males are more externally territorial, while females are more affected by internal territory. This is Nature - Natural! And, we are part of nature even though we forget this sometimes as we have come to be so technologically oriented and have drifted very far from our natural and original surroundings. However, our survival mechanisms are still intact. We put a different slant on it now, and have added emotion and reasoning to the mix which can be a good thing. But, we can't forget who and what we are, creatures of the earth with a reasoning mind and an energy body which can be called Spirit or Psyche, the Greek for spirit.
Meta-Medicine learned from Dr. Hamer that each of us is a whole being, actually a Hologram, but that's another story. We are not just a series of parts that have very little to do with each other. Every trauma or stressful event which is really a biological conflict or threat to our survival happens simultaneously at every level of our existence, body, mind, and psyche or spirit. These cannot be separated as we are so determined to do in today's world. We can say that every cancer or serious disease or even a headache is caused by our emotions, which, by the way, is how we become aware that something is not right. What the truth is, though, is that emotions and feelings are our bodies making us aware that something isn't right and needs to be made right so that we can be at ease and not concerned about surviving. Dis-ease as we see it in the Meta-Medicine community is a program the being runs in order to adapt and survive. Dis-ease in this sense is lack of ease which is an emotional uneasiness which, if not resolved, leads to a physical symptom.
Dis-ease begins in our awareness as a feeling but is also imprinted simultaneously on the brain and the organ that is responsible for that aspect of survival. If we don't pay attention to the feeling or heed its warning we cannot resolve the conflict. The physical manifestation becomes more apparent but its progression can be halted with the resolution of the conflict which promotes survival, the purpose of the survival program. The sooner the conflict is resolved, the better the chances for survival are. That's why prevention is so important; the kind of prevention that is focused on becoming conscious and aware of what is not right in our world or where we have lack of ease, are in fear, and/or are threatened.
So, is every cancer or disease emotionally caused? Do we get sick because of our emotions? It seems so, but the emotion is just the warning; the cause is the threat to survival that automatically begins a survival program leading to resolution of the conflict. Every survival program has a biological purpose that makes perfect sense. A Biological Program is put in place so that the being can survive.
If the person is allowed to go through the survival program while keeping the body strong with the best proteins and foods available, makes the changes in attitude and environment that are needed to feel at ease and safe, seeks out medical assistance that can build his/her body up rather than tear it down, he/she can survive. The degeneration stops when the conflict stops and the regeneration begins when the changes are put into place. If everything doesn't come together, yes, survival is at risk and death happens. In summary, what we have learned to call disease is actually the body's or being's attempt to survive by healing or resolving the conflict or threat to its survival. As Dr. Hamer says, Mother Nature never makes a mistake!

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Carole Seaver, MA, is a National Certified Counselor as well as a Diplomate of Energy Psychology awarded by ACEP, the world's largest and most influential Energy Psychology organization. She is a certified Meta-Medicine Integrative Health Coach, a Certified Energy Coach, a MindBody Coach, Certified NES (Nutri Energetics System) practitioner, a licensed and certified Louise Hay Counselor and WS leader, a GNM, German New Medicine practitioner, and has extensive study and experience in meridian Techniques such as EFT, AFT(Attractor Field Technique), QT, TFT, Matrix ReImprinting,; Chakra Techniques such as AIT, Advanced Integrative Therapy, BMS, Body Mirror System; Aura Techniques including IET, Qi Gong, Reiki; Intentional techniques including ETHOS, Zpoint, Logosynthesis, Quantum K, Matrix Energetics, and Into This Moment, and is an advanced Resonance Repatterning Practitioner which encompasses all of the above. Visit her site: http://www.jerseyshoredestressandenergize.com; she can be reached at 908-278-2729 or caroleseaver@verizon.net