Just as technology has entered into all the aspects of our lives, it has also made inroads into the flooring technology. The engineered wooden flooring offers the most beautiful and strong wood through the combination of the best types of natural wood coupled with the modern technology. The traditional wooden flooring was done by using the wooden boards of different sizes and lengths while the modern engineered hardwood floor boards can be of the same sizes and yet ensure fit and perfect flooring for the interiors of homes and offices.

The engineered wood is made by combining the real flooring wood along with the plywood. Each piece of wooden board is created keeping in mind the durability and strength required in the modern usage of flooring. The prime advantage of waterproof engineered flooring is that it provides the natural looks of the traditional woods like oak and hickory and at the same time it provides the added strength and most importantly, protection against, water, moisture, chemicals, worms and bacteria.

There are a number of benefits of using the waterproof engineered flooring and these include the following:

1. It comes in a number of sizes and thicknesses and gives the option of being laid in different ways. The thinner waterproof engineered flooring can be laid with nails and fasteners. The thicker wood can be laid with the help of glue.
2. The engineered wooden flooring provides the opportunity of sanding and re finishing it a number of times unlike the traditional wooden types. This allows the people to renew the looks and feel of the flooring a number of times and thus it provides a durable and fresh service for a very long time.
3. The thicker woods are a better option for families that have children and pets as it can be re finished more number of times as compared to the thinner and medium versions.
4. The waterproof engineered hardwood floor boards are easy to maintain. They have a strong lamination that does not allow the scratches, dust and dirt to affect their looks and even moisture and chemical spills do not affect their natural looks. They are very easy to maintain and clean.
5. These types of boards are an ideal choice for the offices that have a large number of footfalls every day as they are low maintenance and some of the easiest to finish boards.

The engineered wooden flooring is a special type of flooring and therefore it is advised by the experts that it should be laid and fixed only with the help of the experts and professionals so that it becomes an easy task to maintain them and renew their finishing when the need arises.

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