“Why Using, “I-AM”, is a Game-Changer!”
Remember this?
“I-Am-What-I-Am, and That’s All That I-Am,
I’m Popeye-The Sailor Man.
I’m Strong at The Finish, Cause I Eats Me
Spinach. I’m Popeye-The-Sailor-Man.”
[Repeat the Lyrics]
“I-am-what-I-am, and that’s all that I-am.
I’m Popeye-the-sailor-man.
I’m strong-at-the-finish, cause I eats-me-
Spinach. I’m Popeye-the-sailor-man.”
By Sammy Learner, 1933
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• The name for God told to Moses is:
• 1. “I-Am-That-I-Am!” It is called the‘Tetragrammatons’ , from Greek, & means, the “four-letters”.
• 2. The initials for the four Hebrew letters used are: “Y.W.V.W.” & pronounced “YAHWEH”, though many say, “Jehovah!”
• 3. The four-letters are:
• Yod-Hey-Vav-Hey. It means, “I-am-that-I-Am.”
• 4. The two-words, “I-AM!” is an intentional, positive choice that contains an “Attitude” of success. It’s addressed to the Infinite-Intelligence, and the Cosmic-Consciousness to indicate “alignment”, with your “source”.
• 5. Examples: I-AM healthy, and getting healthier. I-AM prosperous, and getting richer, and more abundant. I-AM loved unconditionally, and in my relationships,
reciprocate the same feelings. I-AM happy, and have F-U-N! 24/7. My life is supposed to be F-U-N! And so-is-your’s.
• I seek my, “I-AM!” in all aspects of my life.
I don’t search-out, I-know. I don’t seek, I’m guided. But Mostly, “I-Am-What-I-Am.”
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