You may be wondering what are the advantages of using Whatsapp to send these love phrases which you can conspicuously find on many sites. The truth is that there are many advantages and we wouldn't hesitate to tell you.

1. Speed

First of all, what is clear is that one of the biggest advantages of sending messages via Whatsapp is the speed of sending. Instantly, that person you love so much, for example, will be able to read everything you wanted to confess. Once you've sent the message, you'll just have to wait for the recipient to read it.

Saying it in person may seem like it's instantaneous, but that's not entirely true since you have to get along with the person you like, and that's not always easy.
Also, until you get to see him, fear may have gripped you and you may not feel so sure about telling him all that you had prepared so well.

2. There's no need to be near

Undoubtedly, Whatsapp is one of the best options if your partner is not living in the same city or even in the same country you live in. Perhaps there's a distance measuring up to thousands of miles and you do not have the possibility to confess your feelings in person.

In this case, this mobile application is probably your salvation. You can write a message as long as you want and send it to them instantly. It does not matter where you are at that moment as it will reach you just as if he or she lived in your street. Sending love messages, good morning love images or even videos through this platform is even much more effective than through your traditional messaging system on your phone.

3. Security

Security is also an important factor to consider because not everyone is equally brave. Some may be brave enough to say anything they feel and whenever while others will feel unable to say it in the face.
However, Whatsapp will give us a great sense of security because we have all the time in the world to perfectly prepare what we want to say.

4. Price

It is true that, if we have to say what we feel in person, it is not necessary to spend any money. However, we should not forget the advantage of sending a Whatsapp message instead of an SMS or a letter.

Before, if we wanted to send a sentence that looks a bit long, you had to send two different messages, something that made you completely lose the romanticism. Thanks to Whatsapp, you can send all the messages you want to the person you are in love with, completely free of charge.

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