Gaining tons of new music fans requires more than just uploading your music online. Here is what you need to do:

First, understand that there is more to gaining fans that simply uploading music online and waiting for people to listen to it. This is one of the most common approaches people use, and it rarely helps them grow a fanbase.

Growing a fan base is about not only getting people to listen to your music but gaining their e-mail address and other contact information so you can easily update them about what is going on in your career. Having a database full of your fan’s contact information is crucial for getting them to notice when you release something new. Without this, some of your fans won’t even know and may never bother to look for your music again.

Gain your fans’ contact information by putting together a website for your band/music. Then think of something unique and valuable to offer them and create a newsletter that they must opt into to get it. This gives them incentive to sign up for the newsletter with their contact information.

Once you have a very large database of fans, you have the power to direct them to your music, merch or any other products you have to sell. This makes earning a living through music more stable and predictable. Additionally, it not only helps you make a better living through music, it shows other people who work in the music business that you are serious. This raises your value in their eyes and makes it more likely they will want to work with you in the future.

Of course, this is just ONE basic approach to help you begin creating a larger fan base for your music. There countless others and working with an experienced music career mentor is the best way to quickly get more fans using a variety of other approaches.

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