This is one of the most important and underdog issue regarding education. To increase the quality of the work and to reduce the possibility of wrong grading, Plagiarism is being checked now in most of the universities. This step should have taken a long ago but it's good that it's trending now and being placed in various institutes.

Improving Students

As we all know that if we copy/paste content via the internet in our assignments or plagiarize other student’s work. It may result in temporary satisfaction but can highly damage our abilities to create or improvise. Universities are taking steps to avoid plagiarism so their students can improve writing and self-confidence of creating can take place. As I usually mention in my articles that lesser self-created work is always better than more copied work. If you have been plagiarizing and are used to it then this is the time to stop. Stopping may result in low quality first but you will have a satisfaction that you did this on your own.

Maintaining grades

Nowadays almost all of the universities have checkers on plagiarism and they have resources beyond our thoughts such as TURNITIN which checks bulks of notes at a time and see if they are plagiarized via the web or been copied by an another student. Plagiarism is a result in failing grades and if detected then the checkers will simply fail the assignment. So now you know why this is so important that why universities are taking it seriously.

Fair System

The purpose of checking plagiarism on every assignment has many reasons and one of them is the system should stay fair.
For example:
A student spends hours of hard work to create an assignment or a webmaster has taken multiple hours to create and upload a project on specified projects. What if someone just easily goes to it and steals it and uses it in their own name. How will you feel about it? Not really good I assume. So university wants a fair system that those students who are working really hard on creativity shouldn’t be mistaken out. Thus those who do such thing will be treated as a failure for once so next time they can improve on it.

Maintaining Standards

Universities are using various tools to avoid plagiarism so they can maintain their ranking in the competition, Universities prefer creative work and creative students because those are the ones who describe the quality of the institute. Almost 90% universities in USA and Canada are using plagiarism checking software. Turnitin is one of the top at this time, because it not only check content over the internet but also check sentences from their offline database.

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