Globibo has developed 22 industry-specific training programmes to suit the needs of our customers. Just like a good recipe requires specific ingredients in the right quantity, every domain requires specific skill sets. Every domain has different terminologies and nuances. Same goes for the language used, which is specific to the domain.

With the entire global economy knit together, events of one economy can have a butterfly effect on the entire global economy. This has created the need to understand the different economies and the factors that govern them. The language of a country plays an important role in understanding the sentiments of the people, thus simplifying the complex decoding.

The training course has been designed to inculcate the soft skills required for the specific area. We equip professionals with the domain-specific to know how that comes handy when interacting with clients, both locally and globally. This gives professionals and the organization as a whole the competitive edge it needs to produce quality services and create a better brand image.

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Globibo is not just providing the basic Corporate Training topics, but has customized 25 industry-specific training curriculum. The industry-specific curriculum describe a full development path to become a subject-matter expert in a particular domain.