Teacher training is essential for every candidate aspiring to enter the teaching profession. Teacher trainings are designed to equip prospective teachers with the knowledge, information, and skills that they require to perform their tasks effectively. Most importantly, teachers need to be technologically strong nowadays. As we all know, education meets the needs of variety of learners and IT is today an essential part of the developing society. It is necessary for every individual to acquire technological literacy. The students are entering a highly competitive environment of computer gizmos and tech freaks; thus it’s important to train children with the basic IT skills at a very early stage. This is only possible if a basic B.Ed. degree also includes a good IT training program for the teachers.

IT Teacher Training

It’s the need of the hour that the schools must enroll and engage teachers who are skilled in information technology in order to train students in the same. Strengthening background in IT helps teachers in many ways.

Advantages of IT Teacher Training

1) Need of the hour - The use of technology is growing rapidly in every profession and everything is available online thus it is necessary for the teachers to be technologically strong in order to disseminate the same to the students.

2) Time savvy - The comprehensive and time-savvy methods of teaching such as interactive boards, online teaching, syllabus and course sharing over the emails and other teaching methods have made the task for both students and teachers easy and accessible.

3) Authentic Information - Due to internet accessibility, the information bank is available at the click of the mouse which makes the teaching more interactive and trustworthy. It gives teachers confidence of sharing and talking about varied topics in detail.

4) Availability - Students are able to do independent learning and practice with the help of online classrooms and teacher’s availability on the click of mouse.

Though there are lots of teachers courses in Delhi but The Knowledge Tree is one such academy that provides an excellent course in IT called as ‘Innovative program in IT’. The course aims at providing exposure to candidates through adequate extended learning. The program will make you an expert in IT, teaching and the application of IT in education. On successful completion of this course, you will be placed in leading schools, who educates children about IT education and its implementation.

The requisite for the course is graduates who have completed at least a six months course in basic computer skills. The time period for the course is six months.

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The Knowledge Tree Academy which conducts teacher training program for those who are looking for career in education and academics. Its various courses includes secondary school teaching, primary teacher training course, IT teacher training course, school management course and business management course.