There is a mobile app for almost everything in life now. Human beings spend more time on mobile than any other daily activities and a vast majority of this time is spent on mobile apps.

Mobile apps make a multi-billion dollar industry now. Naturally, for deserving developers, the thriving industry presents a grand career opportunity in terms of earning potential, growth and recognition.

There are too many career paths in the IT industry today, but none really equals the career opportunity with mobile apps.

For a developer with updated development skills and creative bent of mind, there is a market of 4.77 billion mobile phone users and consumers of app contents.

The best thing is mobile app developers now can consider career opportunities outside of so-called developer jobs in IT company.

With the internet and open source SDK libraries allowing unprecedented access to resources, developers now can build apps and make a career as independent professional as well.

This is time to take a look at the comprehensive picture of the career opportunities with mobile app development.

Most promising statistics

As per Statista report, app developers are facing the biggest opportunity ever.  There has been a jump of 50 billion app downloads just last year. There have been 197 billion app downloads in 2017 in comparison to 149 billion app downloads in 2016.

As per the latest projected report, by the year 2021, we can expect the total app download volume to reach a whopping 352 billion. With new smartphones and operating system versions coming with more features, the apps will continue to experience growth opportunities more than ever before.

All these hikes in app downloads and the thriving market of mobile apps only mean that Mobile App Developers will continue to face most promising job prospect in terms of a number of jobs and growth opportunities.

According to a data revealed by Inc last year, there have been 83,649 surplus jobs for app developers compared to the number of people who have been hired.

In many countries already the average salary of a mobile app developer is at per with the earning of top professionals across the fields. For instance, the average yearly salary of a mobile app developer in the US, is $71,072, as reported by PayScale.

All these data and statistics clearly indicate that for a deserving skilled app developer when it comes to growth and career opportunities, the sky is the ultimate limit.

The creative scope of delivering something fresh

The biggest promise for a would-be developer is the huge creative scope of mobile apps. If you look at the evolution from the first generation mobile apps to the latest ones, you would recognise the ever-expanding creative scope of the field.

From focusing just on features to delivering engaging user experience and optimum ease of use, the mobile app development continued to become more user-centric.

For a would-be developer, this evolving world of apps offers a larger scope of creativity and excellence. You can always bring a fresh perspective to app design, user flow and UI elements to boost user engagement.

You can always tweak the existing development standards to deliver a better and richer user experience. As a developer, you can always start a new way to utilise mobile technology for your app. With every creative scope unfolded and materialised, you have more chances to create success stories in app stores.

A developer can work with and without holding a job

Those days are gone when the developers had no choice for utilising their professional capacity except holding a developer job in IT companies.

Now a competent developer with skills, experience and professional expertise can work as a freelance professional or in contract with their client. All they need is a quality internet connection and access to a good SDK.

The developers working as professional freelancers are actually adding more competitive value to the app industry and elevating the standard of excellence with out of the box thinking and development approaches.

Naturally, there is no wonder that this creative breed of developers who work on development projects with the contractual agreement is so much sought after by IT companies.

Latest frameworks open up the huge creative scope

Just think of the latest breed of mobile app development languages and exceptionally feature-rich frameworks that are dominating the development landscape.

Most of these new languages and frameworks have come with a lot of value additions to help developers deliver a most sophisticated feature set an uncompromising user experience.

Swift for iOS platform has elevated the standard of app development several notches with all tools and features for the latest range of iPhone apps. Similarly, React Native has come as a versatile framework for building high-performance cross-platform mobile apps.

These new frameworks and languages with robust community support and a rich set of tools have offered huge value additions for the developers.

These new frameworks and technologies further widened the creative scope and standard of excellence for the developers worldwide. On top of this, the new smartphone flagships with a new set of features and functionalities are further pushing the boundary of innovations.

You can also grab a pie of app market with your own app

As a developer with a new skill set and expertise, you can think beyond the job roles and professional involvement in app development projects. You can aspire to grab a pie of the $100 billion app market and become rich.

Such an aspiration is absolutely feasible as there have been too many global success stories of new apps created by a few aspiring developers or their startups.

Creating a lethal app and controlling the marketing with a focused approach all the way is what most app needs and as an insider a developer already has the edge over many others.


While opportunities and scopes run galore, at the end of the day, a developer can only excel with a focused approach, most updated development skills, creative excellence and a clear ambition to shape his app development career. It needs a lot of commitment to rise above the average and excel.

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