LPG massage is a popular way of getting rid of fat among women. It gives you fast treatment with less effort and time. You can see many clinics offering LPG treatments.

The reason behind the high popularity of this treatment is its effectiveness. Thousands of women have tried LPG and they are happy with the results.

The accuracy of this treatment makes this a great choice for any woman who wants to get rid of excess fat and have a great skin tone.

What are the benefits of LPG treatment?
LPG Lipomassage uses your body’s natural response to massage to burn fat cells. It also helps in tightening the skin, making it look younger.

“Endermologie slims fat cells, sculpts the figure and smoothens the cellulite, according to Dr. Arnando Soto, MD, FACS. He also adds that it is a painless and safe treatment.

It removes toxins from your blood as well as the lymph system. LPG is effective against stubborn fat deposits which remain accumulated even after dieting and exercising. As you get rid of those deposits, you look more attractive and healthier.

It is safe and doesn’t require you to undergo any surgical procedures.

How does it work?

During LPG a massaging device is placed on your skin which causes no harm or pain. It acts upon the fat stored beneath the skin and breaks it down.

And the end result?

You get rid of that fat in less time and effort.
The LPG massage (or Endermologie) activates lipolysis, the process of melting and reducing fats. Your body uses Lipolysis to use the stored energy in the form of fatty acids during exercise or fasting.

So LPG burns fat in a similar fashion as exercising without requiring you put in that much effort. You should remember that LPG massage is not a replacement for exercise or dieting. It can’t remove the overall body fat.

But it’s the best way to get rid of any stubborn fat deposits such as from the stomach or thighs. If you want the ‘perfect figure’ this method will definitely help you.

There are thousands of women who have undergone this treatment and are now enjoying the results. You can become one of them too.

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Authored by Poonam - General Manager at FCBS Dubai.