Getting certified as an HR professional is an indication of a career-oriented and initiative-driven individual who thrives to achieve success in their career.

With businesses witnessing a fast-paced advancement in technology, upgrading skills through HR certification is a valuable cause to pursue. There are multiple reasons why a certified hr professional will always be chosen over professionals without certification.

Certification programs will eventually help pivot your career in the HR field. New technologies have emerged, job roles have changed, employers are more interested in hiring individuals with updated HR skills.

Important facts to abide by: -

• More than 50% of all the human resource professionals worldwide possess at least one certification

• At a global level, there are about 956,479 HR professionals

• The demand for certification is said to accelerate rapidly in the past four years

• There are near about 500,000+ certified human resource professionals seen worldwide

Why do you need to become a certified HR professional?

The jobs market has seen a lot of rejections happening, disappointing, isn’t it? But have you ever wondered the cause toward such rejections? It turns out that most candidates lack refinement in their skills.

Most of the jobs that were rejected were because the candidates were inefficient and lacked updated skills. The HR industry has taken a huge transformation ever since the advent of technology and innovation. It can be difficult for employers to choose the best fit for their organization just by going through the candidate’s resume. Hence, taking up HR certification programs is equally important for every professional looking for an upgrade in the career.

Once you earn a certification to your name, here’s what you’ll be able to achieve: -

• Hiring gets much easier

• The pay scale gets higher

• You get to own a professional capability

• Ample opportunities for networking

• Stay updated with the new and recent technologies

Talking of salary compensation, let us glance through some of the best paying HR jobs: -

HR director

• Percentage of increment: 12.50%

• With certification: USD 90,000

• Without certification: USD 80,000

HR manager

• Percentage of increment: 15.08%

• With certification: USD 69,000

• Without certification: USD 60,000

HR assistant

• Percentage of increment: 11.60%

• With certification: USD 39,000

• Without certification: USD 35,000

HR generalist

• Percentage of increment: 9.00%

• With certification: USD 54,000

• Without certification: USD 50,000

HR administrator

• Percentage of increase: 15.50%

• With certification: USD 50,000

• Without certification: USD 43,000

Perhaps your next question would be where do I find credible resources from where I can learn the latest skills the company requires.

Well, you will find multiple online learning platforms in human resource and talent management. To name a few are Association for Talent Development, Talent Management Institute, The Society for Human Resource Management, Human Resources Professionals Association, International Public Management Association, Human Capital Institute, International Association of Human Resource Information Management, HR Certification Institute, Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, and WorldatWork Society of Certified Professionals.

These are a few names that are renown among most HR professionals looking to climb their HR career. However, as an individual, there are certain parameters that the candidate needs to take care of – such as the credibility of the platform, the coursework, the kind of mentors who will be tutoring you, and the kind of skills you’ll be learning from this platform.

You need to ensure you have done your bit of research rather than choosing any random platform for certifications.

Organizations need to leverage their learning capacity and train their employees with the latest cutting edge technology. Onboarding candidates with the right set of skills will benefit both the employees and employers.

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