The niche newspaper is one that is specific to a particular market, business, or company. While the daily subscription newspaper is being replaced with news from the internet, a niche newspaper is bringing in clients, customers, and revenue. Read on to find out why!


Compared to a newsletter, a newspaper provides over three times the amount of room to deliver your message at about a third of the cost. This gives a business the opportunity to provide a variety of information that has a greater chance to appeal to a larger reader base.

People still read, and if a newspaper is provided free, they will read it. How many people sit around in waiting rooms across the world and pick up a magazine or newspaper to read while waiting? Most. How many people would take a newspaper home with them from a store particularly if it is filled with interesting content? Many.

A newspaper gives you the room to add comics, puzzles, and trivia to your publication so that people will keep your message in front of them while working the puzzles. This is something you cannot do effectively with a newsletter.


A church in Colorado produces an 8 page newspaper on a quarterly basis that has articles on marriage, children, family, self-improvement, and Christian living. Families in their area have begun to accept their newspaper as a staple of the area. Where most people simply throw away and forget about a flyer or tract, the church there has had many reports of people reading their newspaper all the way through. It has had a significant—positive—impact on their attendance.

This same concept can be adapted to any niche market. Imagine a realtor, or politician, or manufacturer, reaching an audience much broader than ever believed. Done correctly, you can establish a following that is essential to any business.

With a newspaper, you truly reach to an audience instead of just a clientele base. People who know nothing about your product, service, or market can gain insight and develop an appetite for what you provide—all through a well thought out newspaper.


Advertising is essential to any business. You must get yourself, your products, or your services known. With a niche newspaper, you are in effect advertising yourself in unique and interesting ways.

For example, let’s say that a vacuum company is wishing to advertize a particular model of vacuum. Typically, advertising is done by placing an ad in someone else’s publication with a picture of the vacuum, contact information, and a few lines that try to get anyone who spots the ad to become interested. This is how advertising is typically done and there is really nothing wrong with it.

But, having your own newspaper allows you to advertize in different ways. Now, instead of just an ad spot about a particular vacuum, you can add right next to the ad a 500 word article that demonstrates why that particular vacuum is the right one for the right price for the reader. With a catchy article title like ‘This Vacuum Sucks up the Competition’ you can grip a reader instantly.

View the newspaper as your portable website. A website, of course, allows you to give so much more information to attract customers. A newspaper allows you to bring all that information to the customer or client without having to somehow get them to come to your website.

The niche newspaper is without a doubt a thriving means of building your business.

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