If you are living in Arizona and is aware of the high-priced medical costs and expensive nursing home facilities, then this might be the perfect time for you to get your very own Arizona long term care insurance policy.

But just like other people, you might have doubts and still hesitate to get because as said earlier, the premiums are high and the LTC rates are quite hard to afford. But if you do not act now, there is a large possibility that you might not be able to get one in the future.

Why? Because the increase of LTC rates is incessant and unchanging. As a matter of fact, insurance industry experts predict that in 20 years, when the baby boomers start to require receiving LTC benefits, the rates might even be higher and without an LTC plan, some of them would probably just depend on the help and assistance that they could get from their relatives.

Although in-home care is also a good option, this does not include round-the-clock care which some of the elders badly needs due to their health status. Relying on the relatives’ help is also not advisable because there might be special medical attention or treatment that the person might need and his loved ones may not be medically equipped and knowledgeable to cure them.

At present, the LTC costs in Arizona are a bit higher than the other states in the country. An individual who lives in this state would have to spend at least $75,000 a year just to be able to avail of a private room in a nursing home facility. A single occupancy bedroom in an assisted living facility located in Arizona may also be a good option but the person still needs to have an approximate of $40,000 a year to afford it.

If an individual owns an Arizona long term care insurance policy he does not have to worry about these prices anymore because he can be sure that his insurance company will provide all his needed services as long as it is included in his insurance contract.

Also, the LTC plans sold in Arizona are protected by many features that give the policyholders more benefits and advantages. The inflation protection feature alone gives them the assurance that no matter how long the LTC policy was purchased, it can still be used by the insurance owner and it would still be valid to receive policy benefits.

This particular feature is said to be the most beneficial of all factors of LTC plans because it can regulate the worth and value of a specific LTC policy according to the current costs of LTC services and facilities available in Arizona. This means that regardless if the policy was purchased years before the policy owner actually started using it, he can still be provided with the perks that he originally paid for.

Given these benefits, an Arizona long term care insurance policy is surely a must-have for all the residents. It might bring some financial hassles now but at the end, they will realize that it is one of the most important investments that they have given themselves after so many years of working hard.

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