Kids, especially those who are toddlers, are fond of asking. This is related to the development of their brains. Kids ages 3-6 are very curious and inquisitive. They are fond of asking questions that start with the words what, why, and how. As a parent you need to answer patiently to all those questions your child asks. It is your duty to stimulate their thinking and learning skills. The home is their first and their primary school and each room in the house can be turned into a classroom with all sorts of different lessons waiting to be learned by their eager minds.

The kitchen is a major room in the house. This is where the mother often stays because food preparation takes longer time and eating is usually done at least three times a day. We all know that a child follows where her mother goes anywhere in the house. Most of the time, the child meddles with things in the kitchen and the mother will be irritated with that. Child experts have said that mothers can actually involve their children in the kitchen in a young age. That is why toasters are also made to be kid-friendly.

Your child follows you in the kitchen then she asks what an appliance is. She asks what it is for, why do you need to do that, and how do you do that. The toaster can be a very good kitchen tool to start with. It is small, it is easy to use, and the answers to all the three simple questions of your kid are easy to understand. You can simply tell her that the toaster is a machine that produces heat. The heat will make the bread perfectly brown which signals that it is already for heating. The buttons that she should press are also easy to locate. Cleaning the toaster is also a breeze so there is no doubt that your child can do it herself. Most of the toasters have a stay-cool exterior which will not make you worry about your child’s safety.

There are lots of reasons why you should involve your child in the kitchen. It gives you time to bond with them, it boosts their confidence and their reliability, they exercise their creativity, planning skills, and making choices. It also helps them feel that they are useful members of the family and your family is one team. One good thing about this is that they are also excited to eat what they cook. You will get your child to eat easier with this! Most importantly, in a young age, you have started planting to the child’s mind responsibility. You have been with her in a simple learning experience. Toasters are small, simple things which could make your child learn and enjoy with you!

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