Well, who doesn’t love to be part of a party that is lit and vibrant? However, when throwing a party, you have so many responsibilities as a host. You need to choose the theme of the party, make a guest list and have proper planning and arrangements made from beforehand to make sure nothing goes wrong.

Hold on!! Aren’t we forgetting something? Yes – we are! It’s food, the very pulse of any party. Food can make or break a deal at a party, and you need to be extra careful in choosing the menu when throwing a party.  

International food is becoming increasingly popular across the world due to the profound effect of globalization. That is why you may find a restaurant serving Thai food in the streets of Stockholm and an Indian restaurant in the alleys of Singapore. 

In our networked generation, not only Italians but everyone loves pizza and pasta. Or do you have a soft corner for Indian and Mughlai food? There are a lot of options to choose from, and you should take your pick accordingly.  

Why Tandoori Chicken is the Best Indian Starter

Have you ever tried tandoori chicken, ‘the queen of Indian cuisine'? It works as a perfect starter for any occasion and is a great way to showcase your culinary skills. Tandoori chicken is all about moist and tender meat inside with an outer layer of bright red crispy skin cooked with selected exotic spices and excellent care in a tandoor oven, which is pretty challenging to resist. 

According to the top chefs of the best Indian restaurants in Jalan Besar, it’s a dish you can’t refuse. Your mouth will be filled with water even at the sight of a sizzling, glossy piece of tandoori chicken. It is one of those starters that only leave you wanting more, and you forget about health for a while.

The calorie intake is a bit higher with all the ghee brushed on top, but tandoori chicken is still one of the healthier options for you among the vast range of Indian cuisine. 

A Little History 

The recipe of tandoori chicken that restaurants follow today was created nearly 100 years ago by a guy named Kundan Lal Gujral. While chicken has been at the centre of Mughal cuisine, and it is being roasted in the tandoor for more than five centuries, the version that Gujral made became instantly famous. 

Gujral’s recipe made it’s way to the kitchens of Michelin starred restaurants and has maintained its popularity ever since. Eminent personalities like John F. Kennedy and Gandhi visited Gujral’s restaurant in Delhi to get a taste of this authentic Mughlai cuisine. 


You can give your guests this little anecdote before introducing them to the aromatic extravagance of Chicken tandoori. This will evoke curiosity among your guests and prepare them for the exotic flavour of tandoori chicken.

Restaurants providing Indian food delivery in Jalan Besar have found that tandoori is one of the most ordered items, and they say that you must serve the meat straight out of the oven. It’s not in your interest to keep them once they are cooked because the chicken gets harder and loses it’s moisture as time passes. 

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The author is the owner of one of the best Indian restaurants in Jalan Besar. The author is a prolific chef with many years of culinary expertise and a part-time blogger who writes on the delivery of Indian food and its delicacy.