COVID-19 has taught us many things. One of the most important of these lessons is ‘Adaptability’. With growing concerns to maintain social distancing even as lockdowns are easing, it is solely our collective responsibility to find effective ways of returning to normalcy while following the new rules.
Visiting a hospital or a clinic at these times might not be the best option for a lot of us as this would mean an unnecessary risk of exposure to infection. Therefore, switching to online consultations with a doctor would be the best way forward for a lot of simple reasons.
Why does Teleconsulttion work? Most doctors diagnose and start treatment for basic symptoms with the help of the patient’s history. Telemedicine allows this history taking efficiently. When is telemedicine most helpful?
• When you want to consult your regular doctor who already knows your medical history.
• When you are at a place where a specific specialist is unavailable and you want to consult them from where you are.
• When you do not have a major illness or symptom that needs emergency care.
• Follow up visits of chronic illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension, psychiatry issues, high cholesterol, etc.
• Queries regarding menstruation, pregnancy, or hormones for females who find it difficult to visit a gynecologist due to societal pressures.
• Mental-health related queries and counseling with a psychiatrist or psychologist.
• Old aged individuals who cannot easily visit a doctor.
• Immuno-compromised patients with simple queries or mild symptoms
• Consultations regarding dental pain, cosmetic dental procedures, or issues about your child’s teeth.
• Review or follow up visits that do not need your physical presence.
• To obtain repeat prescriptions for long standing health issue like hypothyroidism.
• Dermatological issues that do not need physical examinations
• Advice regarding nutrition, diet and physical activity
• Specialist opinions that were advised by a general physician
• Interpretation of radiological investigations such as X-Rays.
• Advice regarding testing for COVID-19 or doubts regarding your symptoms
• Consultations for elective procedures such as plastic surgery, bariatric surgery, etc.
• Mild symptoms such as fever, body pains, etc.
• Physiotherapy appointments where the patient is able to do things for themselves.
Above are some of the common reasons for which telemedicine works wonders. If you fall into any of the above categories or would like to know more, download the Cuire app to book an online doctor consultation or call on +91-87788 26667.

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